[WWW.TRUSTED-BEST.BZ] New Valid Updated Shipment With High Balance (5000$/Card) Replacement Refund if Bad

[WWW.TRUSTED-BEST.BZ] New Valid Updated Shipment With High Balance (5000$/Card) Replacement Refund if Bad


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Welcome to the shop Https://Trusted-best.bz !!!

ATM Dumps

━━ Buy Dumps with Pin 2022. Track 1&2 with ATM Pin.
━━ We are first hand sellers for tracks with pin with worldwide database.
━━ All our database are freshly skimmed by our trusted vendors.
━━ We provide dumps with pin service codes 201 & 101.
━━ We also provide cash-out ready Plastic Dumps with Pin with free worldwide shipping for minimum order value. Dumps with Pin are sensitive data you should be aware of what to do with them, might else end in real bad position.
━━ All our payment transactions are secured with bitcoins P2P payments only.

━━ We have providing ATM Plastic Dumps with Pin and Tracks with Pin over 3 years with our oldest connections with the trusted vendors worldwide.
━━ We believe in quality over quantity we have record of high balance untouched dumps with pin.
━━ We also provide minimum balance guarantee for Plastic Dumps with Pin.
━━ There are up to three tracks on magnetic cards known as tracks 1, 2, and 3.
━━ Track 3 is virtually unused by the major worldwide networks, and often isn’t even physically present on the card by virtue of a narrower magnetic stripe.
━━ Point-of-sale card readers almost always read track 1, or track 2, and sometimes both, in case one track is unreadable.
━━ The minimum cardholder account information needed to complete a transaction is present on both tracks. Track 1 is written with code known as DEC SIXBIT plus odd parity.


Plastic Dumps with Pin

-Plastic Dumps with Pin are cashout ready at any ATM or POS machines embedded tracks and IC chip data integration.
-We are the first to provide this service in this space with discreet worldwide shipping.
-All shipments are provided with tracking numbers once the orders have been processed and shipped at our end.
-We also do provide with minimum balance guarantee for each Plastic Dumps with Pin.

How to purchase Plastic Dumps with Pin?

-Plastic Dumps with Pin can be purchased from the store directly.
-You need to provide us with the complete delivery address for the shipment during checkout for shipping the Plastics Dumps with Pin.
-Once the order has the been processed at our end you will receive an e-mail with tracking code for your shipment.

Minimum Purchase is $400 – 2 Plastic Dumps with Pin.
Minimum Balance Guarantee is $4,000 – Each Plastic with $2,000 Minimum Balance.
Balance can be more than $2,000 but we don’t provide any guarantee for the replacement or refunds.
Embossing on Plastic Dumps is not often guaranteed.
Plastic Dumps with Pin do come with IC chip data integrated/written.
Worldwide shipping will take maximum of 2 to 3 days.
Refund and Replacements on Plastic Dumps with Pin

Plastic Dumps with Pin are provided with minimum balance of $2,000 guarantee on each card by which the balance can also be more than $2,000. How can you claim for refund or replacement?

Once you have opened request for refund we will check with your shipment tracking for the shipment delivery time.
If you have contacted us within an hour of shipment delivery we will you will eligible for lower balance claim than $2,000 provided with ATM receipt proof.
We also honour the Auth codes mentioned for refunds on main page.
In case of refund it bitcoins will be sent back to your address of original payment, replacement will be provided on the next order of plastic dumps with pin only.

Link Shop Proof Video

https://trusted-best.bz/images/video_1.mp4 [Card Cloned]
https://trusted-best.bz/images/video_3.mp4 [Card Cloned]
https://trusted-best.bz/images/video_paypal_2.mp4 [Paypal Transfer]
https://trusted-best.bz/images/emv_video.mp4 [Software EMV]


━━ Telegram 1: https://t.me/dumpscvvcloned [@dumpscvvcloned]

━━ Telegram 2: https://t.me/bigbosscloned [@bigbosscloned]

Price for Dumps with Pin, Track 1/2 :

– Dumps with Pin, Track 1/2 ( US ) : $39 / 1p
– Dumps with Pin, Track 1/2 ( UK ) : $59 / 1pc
– Dumps with Pin, Track 1/2 ( CA ) : $69 / 1pcs
– Dumps with Pin, Track 1/2 ( AU & EU ) : $99 / 1pcs
– Dumps with Pin, Track 1/2 ( China ) : $99 / 1pcs
-Minimum Order 5Pieces : 300$

Price For Dumps With ATM PIN And Without Good Balance :
Mininmum with PIN: 5pCS 300$
Minimum Without PIN: 10pcs 200$

Price Clone Card ( Plastic Card Cashout Atm )

[200$ Card With Balance Over 3k]

[350$ Card With Balance Over 6k]

[500$ Card With Balance Over 12k]

✔️ Price for CVV starts from 10$
✔️ Price for dumps starts from 50$
✔️ Fast automatic payment methods
✔️ Frequent UPDATES
✔️ Instant stuff delivery
✔️ Replace lost/stolen/hold/card error
✔️ Fully secure. No logging. No IP tracking
✔️ Ticket support contacting
✔️ Jabber supporting
✔️ Selection of dumps with bin, country, type
✔️ Individual approach to each customer
❌ NO any free test

━━━━━━━━━━━━ PAYPAL Transfer ━━━━━━━━━━━━

After payment confirmation, money will be sent to your Paypal within 3-5 minutes.

The price list for the service:
Pay $80 = Receive $1000 FAST Clean Transfer
Pay $150 = Receive $2000 FAST Clean Transfer
Pay $250 = Receive $3500 FAST Clean Transfer
Pay $300 = Receive $4000 FAST Clean Transfer
Pay $400 = Receive $5500 FAST Clean Transfer
Pay $550 = Receive $6000 FAST Clean Transfer
Pay $650 = Receive $7500 FAST Clean Transfer
Pay $800 = Receive $9000 FAST Clean Transfer
Pay $1000 = Receive $11000 FAST Clean Transfer
Pay $1200 = Receive $13000 FAST Clean Transfer
Pay $1400 = Receive $15000 FAST Clean Transfer
What you’ll get:
1 ) The amount you ordered
2 ) How to Withdraw Money Tutorial in PDF (with Security Tips)
We employ only highly qualified professionals. They have extensive experience with Paypal transactions. Our customers receive instant semi-clean Paypal transfers. Money is transferred to your account using non-hacked accounts. We keep track of the transfer process until it reaches the customer account.

How did we hack into Paypal and make Paypal transfers?
We have a lot of experience with DDOS and BUGS attacks. We went through large amounts of credit card data. This allowed us to steal money from stolen accounts and then transfer the funds to our hacked Paypal accounts. The money was then distributed between Verified Paypal accounts. After all the stages, the money was transferred to our customers. Our clients only receive real money from Verified accounts, which makes our service highly secure and advanced.

━━━━━━━━━━━━ CONTACT SUPPORT 24/7 ━━━━━━━━━━━━

━━ Telegram 1: https://t.me/dumpscvvcloned [@dumpscvvcloned]

━━ Telegram 2: https://t.me/bigbosscloned [@bigbosscloned]

━━ WhatsApp:+(855) 14 231 550

━━ Gmail:Dumpscashpro@gmail.com

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