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The NHL Winter Classic gives teams a great opportunity to honor their past and traditions by bringing back some of their iconic looks. We also get to see players rock some nice throwback gear, but goalies in particular really get to take that classic look to the next level with some vintage designs & custom colors.Last month, I got to go to Bauer World, Bauer’s annual sales expo. In addition to seeing some incredible new gear that will hit stores in April, we got a sneak peek at the Bauer Goalie gear that the Bauer-sponsored goalies will be wearing in their outdoor games this year!

First off is a pad that we actually won’t see because this goaltender retired earlier this year. Martin Biron had these Retro Reactor pads made up for the Stadium Series matchup that’s being held at Yankee Stadium. This one will be a fan favorite of the guys that like an old-school pad. It has a super traditional look and even has the leg straps going through the face of the pad.

Biron's Winter Classic Pads

Now for a pad that will actually be seen in the Rangers game, we have Lundqvist’s set. Lundqvist went with the sock design. The sock graphic has become more and more popular lately and I think it has its own kind of retro look to it. As expected, the Bauer Supreme poster-boy will be rocking the latest Supreme pads as the Rangers take on the Devils.We also saw this interesting strapping design on the back of Lundqvist’s set. It appears his testing out a very simplistic design of a nylon Velcro strap. We’ll have to wait and see if this drops down to some of their stock pads in the future.

Next up we have James Reimer’s Supreme pads, also with the custom sock graphic. He also has the vintage Leafs logo on the gear. The leather weave for the Navy gives this a really great look, a nice hybrid of new school and old school.

James Reimer's Winter Classic Pads

Another set that’ll be seen in Toronto colors, will be in the Legends game. Curtis “CuJo” Joseph will be strapping on the pads to defend the Toronto Legends’ net. CuJo is going with a pad that looks like something you would have seen him use back in his playing days, the Retro Reactor design.

Curtis Joseph's Winter Classic Setup

Viktor Fasth has just recently come back to the Ducks after a brief rehab stint in the AHL, so hopefully he stays with them and we see these beauties at the Stadium Series in Los Angeles. The Ducks are dropping their newer black, gold, and orange threads for a throwback to the Mighty Ducks! Fasth has his brand new Supreme pads and graphic with the colors dialed in to match the old school purple uni’s.

Viktor Fasth's Pads

Unfortunately Bauer will not mass produce these vintage designs or colors to the public. Check out IW’s Bauer Goalie Customizer and design your own pads.

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