What Sticks are Scoring in Sochi?




We’re 2 games away from the end of yet another Olympic hockey tournament, and with 133 goals scored in the men’s tournament, we broke down scoring by brand. Bauer Sticks topped the list with 51 goals (38%) and the Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG scored 23 of those goals. Easton Sticks took second place with 34 goals and the popular Easton Velocity V9 sticks (check out the pictures below for custom country sticks). Warrior scorers followed with 19 goals and 14% of scoring in the tournament. The Reebok RibCor and the Reebok 20K brought in Reebok’s 10% share of goals. CCM RBZ Stage 2’s and U+ Crazy Lights’ make up the 7% and 9 goals scored. The final 5% consists of Sherwood Hockey Sticks, Fischer sticks and Busch Sticks.

Now for some patriotic hockey sticks!

Sweden CCM RBZ Stage 2

Easton V-Series Country Sticks

USA TotalOne NXG

Sweden V-Series Sticks

Ovechkin Custom APX2 Stick