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Warrior Hockey is inching themselves deeper and deeper in the protective gear race amongst hockey players. You have probably noticed top players like Johnny (Hockey) Gaudreau, Brendan Gallagher, Joe Pavelski, Mark Scheifele, and Brad Marchand representing Warrior on the ice. They obviously love the fit and feel of Warrior's protective gear, so lets take a look at Warrior's two big hockey glove lines: Covert and Alpha.

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What better way to start than with the Covert QR Edge glove, which NHL All-Star, Puck Control defending champion, Johnny Gaudreau, chooses to wear. There are some big reasons why he and other top players choose this glove over everything else. The first being the AxyFlex floating cuff which allows for absolutely incredible wrist mobility. The AxyFlex cuff design helps the player achieve maximum range of motion while at the same time keeping the protection in place to help guard against slashes and pucks. The cuff is essentially a three-piece design which allows the cuff roll and cuff to move independently from the body of the glove, increasing wrist mobility in every hockey situation.

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The second being the newly designed palm, which is called SmartPalm+. GatorSkin overlay was strategically placed on the palm to decrease wear and tear and has a bindingless outer construction to increase stick feel. On the backhand, Warrior has done an incredible job of giving players a broken in feel right out of the box by properly segmenting the foam protection in order to move and contour to the players hand. The exterior also is built with a combo of cable and traditional nylon, and synthetic leather to add even more durability, flexibility, and dexterity to the backhand and fingers. On top of that, the AxyFlex two-piece thumb and three-piece index finger really allow the player to grip and handle the stick with ease.
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With the construction that the Warrior Covert QR Edge and QRE Pro are built with, the style of fit that players receive is a very comfortable contoured, anatomical fit from the fingers to the cuff. But as you head over to the QRE3, 4, and 5, the AxyFlex cuff design is taken out, giving these three gloves a tapered fit. You can expect the same fit in the fingers and backhand, but the cuff stays more open allowing more volume around the wrist for great mobility. Pro level protection is offered in the Edge, Pro, and QRE3. New Exo Protect Foam with plastic shield overlay is boasted in the Edge and Pro, while the QRE3 has solid EVA Foam with plastic reinforcement to give your hands exactly what they need to battle hacks, slashes, and blocked shots. If you want a contoured fitting glove that moves great with the hand, the QRE Edge and Pro are ideal. For players looking for a tapered fit where the cuff has more volume, but still want a glove that feels broken in right out of the box, the QRE 3, 4, and 5 are right for you.

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One thing is for sure, I love the look of the Warrior Alpha QX glove. It has a beautiful 4-roll, classic clean look all around. What makes this traditional style fitting glove unlike any other 4-roll glove on the market is its new hybrid fit design. You still get that classic, traditional fit, but once you put these on your hands it feels like they were already broken in. In order to pull this off, Warrior constructed the middle and index finger with a three-piece segmented design, the thumb having the popular two-piece AxyFlex, and having the backhand contour and move much more with the hand. It doesn't stop there because Warrior uses their Hybrid Flex cuff, which means the cuff is attached to the body with a stretch material that allows the wrist to get even more mobility while keeping the protection perfectly in place in every movement.
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Player's can expect pro-level protection in the QX because of Warrior's Phantom Foam Package BoneSystem; placed in the fingers, backhand, cuff, cuff roll, and thumb lock. You can be sure to have confidence knowing this protection will keep you much safer from nasty hacks, slashes, and blocked shots. The icing on the cake is the ProPalm+ and stretch finger gussets. With a gray digital base and black clarino overlay with grip print on the palm, stick feel is quite amazing. These mitts allow players to get that little bit extra handle on the stick for dangles and winding up for those hard slap/snap shots, even if there is moisture on the stick.

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The entire Alpha QX glove line has such a great broken in feel right out of the box and embrace that classic 4-roll design. Player's looking for that fit paired with incredibly mobility, and amazing stick feel can look no further than the Warrior Alpha QX, Pro, 3, 4, and 5.

-Brandon IW Hockey

For even more information on each Warrior Hockey glove and more, be sure to visit www.icewarehouse.com


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