Warrior Dynasty AXLT Protective Gear



Inline and Ice Warehouse are now carrying the new Warrior Dynasty protective gear! This series features four separate price points to choose from: AX1, AXLT, AX2 and AX3, with AX1 being the premier model and AX3 being the entry level model. Today, we’re going to be previewing the AXLT, their limited edition model that has a sick look and even better features that separate it from the rest.

Shoulder Pads

I would have to say that the shoulder pads are where you see the most improvements when it comes to looking at the construction. I have to say that the black and yellow colors were a solid choice on Warrior’s part, but I mean, who can go wrong with those colors? The entire “jacket” (the foam underneath the sternum guard and spine guard that covers the length of your chest and back) is ventilated, which helps pull hot air out from in between your pads and body and pull cool air in. This also reduces the weight of the pads by 15% compared to the Warrior Dynasty AX2. Now where we see the real improvements in protection is the Smart Cap
technology in the shoulders. The base of the shoulder cap is constructed of molded plastic, followed by a layer of exposed high density foams and right in the middle is another layer of high density foams. The purpose of this particular design is to improve on multi-impact protection, whether it’s from a big hit, a puck, the boards, whatever it is. The design increases the contact area to better disperse the energy that comes from any type of impact so your body doesn’t feel the brunt of the blow. Of course, both the sternum and spine guard utilize high density foams reinforced with molded plastic inserts while “floating” above their respective area so whenever you move, the protection sticks with you. The 2-Timer strapping system is probably my favorite feature, seeing as it allows you to completely customize your fit from both sides to get the best wrap possible. The liner utilizes Warrior’s WarTech technology which spreads the moisture out across the fabric to accelerate the evaporation process. Warrior then added in Polygiene™, which prevents the formation of odor-causing bacteria caused by sweating. So now your gear will stay stink free!

Shin Guards

Looking at the shin guards, along with some sweet performance upgrades, there are also some cool aesthetic features as well like on
the back of the calf wrap, where we see a large screen-printed AXLT. Aside from that, the black and yellow colorway is nasty to say the least. Now performance wise, these shin guards could easily be placed as a top of the line shinny, which says a lot especially at the price point that it sits at. Like the shoulder pads, the high density foams placed throughout the pads are perforated for ventilation, which helps pull cool air in a push hot air out. The shin cap is also ventilated to add to the air circulation. One thing I really did like about their strapping system compared to other shin guards was their use of the Sling Wrap, which has a Y-shape and is constructed from neoprene so you get a solid hold around your calf and behind your knee. The large calf wrap strap is the perfect size too so you aren’t struggling to pull it over your hockey calves. We see the same WarTech liner with Polygiene infused into the liner so you’ll get the same moisture management and odor-free properties. Another thing to note as well is that the liner is removable so you can take it out to dry your gear out quicker or wash it.

Elbow Pads

Last but not least I present the AXLT elbow pads, which still offer that great look you’re raving about. With a hinged 2-piece design, you’ll notice some great separation between the bicep and forearm guard for less restriction when you’re shooting or passing. The strapping system in my opinion is one of the most crucial features of an elbow pad considering comfort and fit are what make elbow pads feel the best. I’ve always been a fan of the nylon forearm strap they’re using because you don’t have to worry about it stretching out over time, increasing the longevity of the pad. The strap at your joint utilizes their Sling Wrap, which is a Y-shaped neoprene strap that covers the forearm for a more secure hold. Finally, the bicep guard has a standard elastic strap to finish it off. Similar to the AXLT shoulder pads, the elbow pads use Smart Cap technology, which like I said before is multiple layers of foams on top of the molded plastic cap that increases the impact area to spread the energy out and away from your body. The foams in the bicep guard and forearm guard are ventilated for extra air circulation and reduces the weight of the pad by 10% compared to the AX2. The liner is the same story with the WarTech and Polygiene™ combination. With tons of great features, the Warrior Dynasty AXLT protective package is not one that you want to pass up on, as you are going to get lightweight, advanced level protection at an even better price. Of course you can get all of this great Warrior gear at Inline & Ice Warehouse so keep checking back for more insight!

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