Warrior Alpha DX Protective Line Insight



Warrior is about to release their new 2019 Alpha DX protective line and we are excited to show you the new gear! Warrior wanted to accomplish a couple of things this year, which was to reduce weight while maintaining protection and mobility. Find out what they added this year!
dx protective.jpg

dx shoulder cap.jpg
The Alpha DX Shoulder Pads have two big features I want to point out, Dynamic Cap and DX Shell. By introducing these two upgrades, Warrior has reduced bulk and slimmed down the profile of the shoulder pads to give players more mobility and agility on the rink. The Dynamic Cap shoulders still offer pro-level protection against high mass, low velocity impacts like bodychecks. Second feature, DX Shell, is their new form of elite-level of protection this year.
DX Shell.jpg
The QX line was made up of a breathable vented armor foam (VPS), but Warrior found this to be heavier for the player. DX Shell is a compressed molded EVA foam with a unique texture that covers high impact areas. DX Shell is a major factor in reducing weight, and since it is a closed-cell foam it won't absorb water which in turn helps not to add any additional weight during the game unlike traditional protective foams. DX Shell will be located on the ribs and bicep guards. The rear panels provide players with much more mobile protection and keeps the coverage in place at all times thanks to the I.S.T stretch gusset material. The stretch gussets connect the upper panels to the lower kidney protection, so everything will move and contour to the players body. Players can achieve the ultimate fit and comfort with Warrior's Two-Timer torso strapping system. So instead of just Velcro tabs on the front panels, the rear panels also have a Velcro adjustment.
Dynamic Cap - Warrior Shoulder.jpg

dx elbow.jpg
A few upgrades to the Alpha DX Elbow Pad this year makes them even more mobile and lighter than the previous QX. With the introduction of DX Shell that replaces the VPS foam, a lot of weight has been taken out without sacrificing protection. Achieving better mobility was done by adding another hinged point down on the forearm.
DX Elbow 3 Piece.jpg
Connected with a lycra like material, the DX Elbow Pad now has a 3 piece construction which allows players to maximize their range of motion in every scenario of the game. A big changed as well is going to be the liner. Your arm is going to slip into a compression like sleeve that feels very very comfortable and helps keep the elbow pad from slipping down the arm. Of course, polygiene has still been added to prevent nasty odor causing bacteria from forming while their 3 strap system finishes locking down your arm into the pocket.
DX Elbow.jpeg
dx shin guard.jpg
The Alpha DX Shin Guards do a great job of deflecting impact energy away from the leg because Warrior suspended the liner away from the ribbed shell. Since the leg isn't directly touching the shell it won't feel nearly as much of that impact energy, so players can confidently block shots and skate through chopping sticks. DX Shell has been added to the calf and thigh guard to once again reduce weight and increase player protection. An injected plastic insert helps to reinforce slash and blocked shot protection to the calf. The DX Shin Guard has a very comfortable neoprene and nylon Y-strap that keeps the leg locked in and is comfortable all game long. Players can expect to find an anatomical fit that feels close-to-the-body and great responsiveness.

Found out more information on the entire Alpha DX line at www.icewarehouse.com