True ZPalm – Interchangeable Hockey Glove Palms



True Hockey is coming back with their next generation of gloves and with it, they’re innovating where no other glove has gone before: interchangeable/replaceable palms.

The ZPalm technology will be available on the new True XC9 Pro Gloves and the True A6.0 SBP Pro Gloves. Not all palms are created equal, and True is coming out with 5 different palm options to suit your style of play.

1. Z-Stnd: Balance of feel and durability

The Z-Standard palm is designed for the all around player and gives players a great mix of durability, feel, and flexibility.

Material: Pro Grade Clarino (1mm) with Overlay (0.6mm)

2. Z-Fit: Comfort

Designed for comfort and fit, the Z-Fit palm uses a premium Torray construction with an overlay to reinforce the area without losing any feel or comfort.

Material: Torray (0.6mm) with Overlay (0.6mm)

3. Z-Power: Durability

The Z-Power palm is designed for the players that want the longest life out of their palms. It uses a thicker palm with reinforcement in key areas to make the glove as durable as possible, but still offer players solid flexibility and comfort.

Material: Clarino (1mm) with Overlay (1mm)+ Overlay in key areas (0.6mm)

4. Z-Pro: Ultimate Feel

The Z-Pro is the pro-preferred palm because it’s all about feel and performance. It’s thin design gives players’ hands amazing control of the stick.

Material: Thin Pro Grade Clarino (0.6mm)

5. Z-Grip: Control

The Z-Grip palm is designed for stick control. It’s soft feel is reinforced by a grip material so stickhandling and shooting is completely under the control of the player.

Material: AX Suede (0.75mm) with Grip Overlay (0.5mm)

So this interchangeable palm option is available on the True XC9 Pro gloves (anatomical fit) and the True A6.0 SBP gloves (traditional fit). And as always, you can find all these and anything you could ever want at Inline & Ice Warehouse.