Top Scoring Sticks in the NHL – Week 2 Edition



I waited too long to write this blog. Just 14 days into the NHL season and we already have 437 goals & 258 goal scorers. My original plan was to research each goal scorer and calculate from there; so instead, I’m taking the top goal scorers (everyone who has scored 4 or more goals this season), and giving you a snapshot of scoring in the NHL. Forgive me for taking the easy way out, but there is absolutely no way that I am going to tally up all 258 goal scorers and their sticks.

Last year, I wrote a similar blog 1.5 weeks into the season and we found that among the top 15 goal scorers, the Bauer TotalOne NXG & Easton Stealth RS II amassed the most goals at 13 a piece. Interestingly, the leaders then and now are both San Jose Sharks, and both blogs were written when they were 5-0 to start the season. Hmm… 6 months ago, I did the same thing for playoffs. That time I accounted for all goals scored and found that the NXG scored almost 20% of the goals in the playoffs, followed “closely” by the RS II at 15%. Let’s see if Bauer & Easton can hold it together for the 2013-2014 season.

1. The top scoring stick (among the top 20 scorers) is…
the Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG. 20% of the top 20 goal scorers use this twig and netted 18 goals with it this season. Alex Ovechkin of the Capitals (5), Lars Eller of the Canadiens (5), Steven Stamkos of the Lightning (4), and David Backes of the Blues all use the NXG and its mid-kick power.

Ducks Throwback Night

2. Trailing by only one goal is its cousin, the Bauer Nexus 1000 Stick. James Van Riemsdyk, Alex Steen, Jeff Carter, and Valtteri Filppula amassed 17 goals using this traditional flex stick from Bauer.

3. We take a break from Bauer to see Joffrey Lupul (5), Henrik Zetterberg (5), and Patrick Marleau (4) with their Warrior Covert DT1 Hockey Sticks.

4. Aaaand, we’re back to Bauer for the final top of the line stick: the Bauer Vapor APX2. Used by Patrick Kane (4), Mike Santorelli (4), and Jakob Silvferberg (4), the Bauer APX2 Stick sits at #4 out of 8 sticks from the top 20 scorers.

5. Sidney Crosby (5) and Sean Monahan (4) represent the Reebok Ribcor and place it at #5.

6. The Easton Velocity V9E is used by Brads Richards & Boyes, and totaled 8 goals. This stick replaced the Easton Stealth RS II stick, which as you remember was the #2 scoring stick last year. It might just be the bright orange design, but I’m seeing a lot of this stick in the NHL this year. When we check in later, I’m going to bet that we’ll see this stick higher up on the list.

7. Tomas Hertl is the lone CCM RBZ Stage 2 user from this list, but leads the league in scoring with 7 goals. This 19 year old rookie sensation may not stay at the top of this list for long, but look for his name on the Calder Memorial Trophy this year (yes internet, this is my official prediction).

8. Finishing off the list is the V9E’s counterpart, the traditionally tapered Easton V9.


Bauer led stick use among the 20 with 11 players. Easton & Warrior followed with 3 a piece. Reebok came in with 2, and CCM finished with 1.

Now it’s important to realize that these numbers have absolutely nothing to do with the players’ individual talent, their equipment contracts, or their teammates. It’s definitely just the stick that is getting these goals. All kidding aside, the tremendous technology in these sticks do allow each player to maximize their potential in the NHL. You can find all of these sticks and more at Inline & Ice Warehouse.