Top Hockey Gear to Look Out for in 2016



Well, it’s 2016 and the industry has already seen some huge changes. In case you missed it, Performance Sports Group (Bauer) purchased Easton Hockey from Chartwell Investments. This was a completely separate transaction from Performance Sports Group’s purchase of Easton Baseball from BRG Sports (formerly Easton-Bell).

0.5 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick

So here we are in February and we’ve already seen the launch of the Bauer Supreme 1S stick.

And while we’re on the topic of sticks, the All-Star game brought to light two more sticks that are going to hit the market in 2016.

1. Easton Synergy GX Stick

Easton (yes, they’re still around) is launching their 10th generation of the Synergy. It’s hard to believe this is the 10th Synergy after that classic metallic grey stick that changed everything… Easton was building hype prior to the All-Star game and stated: “The time has come, keep your eyes on Drew Doughty tonight to witness the Next Generation of Power.” So we did… A closeup view of the stick showcased the name, the Synergy GX. Meanwhile the 2014 Synergy HTX sticks are now on sale here.

Drew Doughty and His New Stick During the All-Star Game

2. CCM Super Tacks Stick

CCM showcased a new stick during the All-Star game as well. This looks like the next rendition of the Tacks lineup. One of CCM Hockey’s captions was “Super Patrice.” I’ll leave it to the experts to guess the name of Super Patrice’s Tacks stick. Super Tacks, it’s the Super Tacks.

Super Patrice

3. Warrior Covert QRL Stick

The Warrior Covert series is seeing an upgrade. More details on the Warrior QRL to come later.

Warrior Posted This Photo of Desharnais at the Winter Classic.

4. Bauer Supreme 1S Skates

The next installment of the Bauer Supreme skates is coming this year. Following in the footsteps of the MX3 to 1S transition, the skates will follow suit sometime this year. The boys at IW have been skating with the Bauer 1S Skates for a couple months now and… well, let’s just say that we’re excited for this launch. Be on the lookout for an IW review sometime soon. Also, the MX3 skates and the rest of the current Supreme line is on sale.

Bauer’s Supreme 1S Stick Banner – With Bauer 1S Skates Subtly in the Picture.

5. CCM RibCor White 50K Skates

While the CCM RibCor 50K Skates launched back in 2015, the ever popular LE skates that leaked around that launched are finally coming to retail. The 50K pump skates LE white edition will be coming your way this year and to hold you over until then, here’s a picture of Desharnais’ 50Ks.

The White CCM 50K Skates.

Obviously, the 50Ks are going to feature standard CCM holders, not the E-Pros pictured here. All in all, these are some good looking skates…

6. Warrior Covert QRL Gloves

Warrior posted this as I was writing this blog, so it was meant to be. The Warrior Covert Sticks aren’t the only Covert line getting an upgrade this year. These are the Warrior Covert QRL gloves that are set to launch in 2016. IW’s Chase got to check these out and try them on, and had nothing but high praise for ’em.

Introducing the Warrior Covert QRL Hockey Gloves

7. CCM Super Tacks Skates

We’ll have a blog up online soon about the coming Super Tacks skates. This full one-piece composite boot is amazing. We’ve been skating in these for a few months now and they are incredible with their amazing response and stiffness. The outsole is simply an extension of the rest of the boot which decreases weight and increases the response.

This isn’t the only notable gear launching in 2016, but that’s all we’ll post for now. These will all be available at the best online hockey retailer, Inline & Ice Warehouse. There’s no contest. Give us a call if you have any issues with any coupons or anything on our site; we know our stuff!