Top 50 Playoffs Scorers’ Sticks



We’re a little under a month into the playoffs now and my bracket is completed busted. I hope that yours is faring better than my own. Why I ever thought that the Sharks would– Anyways, enough about how the teams are doing. Let’s move on to how the sticks are scoring. So, I took the top 50 scorers (as goal scorers, not counting points) in the playoffs thus far and took a look at their weapons of choice. This first pie graph shows the percentage of the top 50 goal scorers’ sticks by brand.

Percentage of Sticks by Brand (of the top 50 scorers)

So at first glance, we see that 12 players use Bauer hockey sticks, 11 players bury with Easton hockey sticks, 9 players finish with their CCM hockey sticks, 8 players put the puck away Reebok hockey sticks, 8 with Warrior sticks, and 2 put the biscuit in the basket with Sher-Wood hockey sticks. Not much of a surprise here with Bauer and Easton leading the way with CCM and Reebok close behind. Below shows how many goals were scored with each stick brand.

Number of Goals Scored by Each Brand (in top 50 goal scorers)

We can further break this down into the various stick lines:

Percentage of Players' Sticks by Product Lines (of Top 50 Players)

Warrior Covert Sticks led the way with 8 players using the DT1 and DT1 LT and scoring 24 goals in the process. Bauer Supreme NXG and the newly announced (via @BauerHockey Twitter) MX3 sticks followed closely behind with 7 scorers and 22 pucks in the net. From this breakdown, we see a lot of variety in the actual models. From the RBZ line, we saw the CCM RBZ Stage 2 mixed in alongside the not-yet-released RBZ Superfast.

Also to note: Marian Gaborik of the LA Kings is tied for the top scorer title while using the new Easton Synergy HTX Stick.


Unfortunately (and hopefully obviously), your use of these sticks will not result in NHL-esque performance and guarantee every shot will end up behind the goaltender; but let’s think of it this way. These NHL players want/need to get the job done and these are the sticks that allow them to perform on that level. These are the twigs that professional players choose to bank their success on. That said, all of these stick are available or will be available at Inline and Ice Warehouse.