The Hockey Wrap Around is Back with 3 Wrap Arounds!



Last year, the Hockey Wrap Around let you take your indoor composite stick outdoors without the fear of de-lamination or breaking down your blade. No more ABS blades. No more using broken down composite sticks. No longer picking up a stick that feels completely different than your normal stick. For those of you who didn’t hear about the Wrap Around last year, it used a strong, yet malleable metal with “teeth” to wrap around the bottom and toe of your stick. This protection allowed players to take their composite sticks to the streets, cement courts, or (mostly) wherever you wanted to take it. This had limitations though, the metal was unable to withstand the impact and force of slapshots and game play. So this year, Hockey Wrap Around came back with 3 new Wrap Arounds catered to meet the needs of your outdoor play.

The Wrap Around PRO with the new CCM RBZ Speedburner stick.

So what’s new for Hockey Wrap Around in 2015? Three new products: the Wrap Around 2.0 (also available in junior sizes), the Wrap Around PRO, and the Wrap Around Trainer. Let’s check out the three models.

Wrap Around 2.0

The thinner construction of the 2.0 is designed to add as little weight as possible to make for an effective stick handling tool. This model is intended for stick handling only.

Wrap Around PRO

In the middle ground between the 2.0 and the TRAINER, you’ll find the PRO. This model is designed for light shooting (wrist shots and some light snap shots).

Wrap Around TRAINER

Here at the far end we have the TRAINER. This baby can take it all. Slapshots? Check. One-timers? Check. Heavy slashing? Ouch. While the TRAINER is on the heavier side, it’s going to stay intact and keep your stick safe while you take clap bombs from the point.


Check out the Hockey Wrap Arounds available with us here at Inline & Ice Warehouse for more information including a installation and how-to videos!