The Easton Synergy HTX Hockey Stick



IT’S BACK is right! The new Easton Synergy HTX made its debut in the NHL this month and it’s getting lots of love from both new and old fans. Being the first full composite stick to release into the hockey world, it has made a huge impact on how we manufacture sticks today. I can still remember my first Synergy, and it was by far the best stick I have ever used. No more clunkers or bricks, just feathers and finesse. Comparing the original Synergy to the new HTX, it’s crazy how far sticks have come. So let’s take a look at the history of Synergy and the all new HTX.

The first Synergy model was introduced in 2001 in that all too familiar silver finish. When it released, critics talked about how stupid of an idea it was to use a composite stick and at the time, most NHL players wouldn’t touch them. The first player in the NHL to use the Synergy was Scott Gomez of the New Jersey Devils. Now that we just got a nice whiff of nostalgia, let’s move on to one of the top sticks on the market today, the Easton Synergy HTX.

Just like the original Synergy, the new HTX features a mid-kick point that is designed for those players who really like to lean into their shots to get the most powerful output possible. But what really makes this stick stand out is their new Hypertuned™ technology. Now, that matches the blade’s stiffness to the same stiffness as the shaft. What are the benefits? Creates a much more consistent and efficient load and release process for all flex ratings. This technology was pro-requested and truly maximizes the pop and velocity of the puck off the blade. This technology works hand-in-hand with their Hypertoe™ technology which was first featured in the Velocity line. Easton studied how most players tend to shoot and it more often than not is off the toe so they stiffened the tow greatly and tapered it off towards the heel so it forces you to load the blade and shoot off the toe, creating much greater velocity without having to input more load.

If you’re looking for more information on this blast from the past, take a look below at our video of Chase taking a detailed look at all the great technologies featured in this stick. Don’t forget to check out the Inline & Ice Warehouse on June 20th for the best price and customer service!