The Bauer Vapor APX2 and X80 Limited Edition Sticks




It’s been just over 8.5 months since the Vapor APX2 Stick hit the shelves and took the hockey market by storm. Since then, the APX2 has been seen in the hands of some of the most premier talent in the NHL, with none other than Patrick Kane leading the way. But now the signature black and red Vapor color scheme will receive a limited edition facelift.

The Bauer Vapor APX 2 Limited Edition Hockey Stick features all of the same great technologies as the original but it uses a custom made brushed-metal TeXtreme® Carbon Fiber. Unlike some other limited edition sticks in the past that have used extra paint for the LE design, this APX2 LE Stick weighs the exact same as the original but with a very cool metal touch to it.

The big update the APX2 and APX2 LE stick feature is the totally redesigned AeroSense Blade with the Aero Foam 3 Core. The majority of feedback Bauer received from players about the first generation APX Blade was that it was an unfavorable change from the X:6o in terms of puck feel and durability. With that, Bauer focused all of their effort on improving the blade since the unique Intelli-Sense Flex Profile was a crowd favorite. The APX 2 LE’s blade features a single-density core, just like the X:60 and not a dual-density blade like the APX. To give consumers a whole new appreciation of blade feel and durability, they integrated a new Sense Layer that wraps the entirety of the blade, giving it the sought after dampened feel for stick handling and catching passes while the extra wrap helps to ward off chips and cracks from a hard celly after a snipe or a hard fought battle in the corners.

Since the Vapor APX 2 Limited Edition stick has a low kick point, Bauer wanted to make sure players are getting as quick of a release as possible. The Aero Foam 3 Core, as mentioned above, ensures the puck flies off the blade face in a hurry to leave goalies wondering how the puck can zip by them in a blink of an eye. This combination of a low kick point and a stiff blade is ideal for the player who classifies themselves as a finesse shooter. These players are not looking for the huge, booming slap shots from the points that require a full wind up. Bauer classifies the low kick shooter as one who uses a “quick motion” for all of their shots. This is not to say the Bauer Vapor APX2 LE Stick lacks power by any means, just that it’s kick point is designed for a certain shooter with certain shooting mechanics.

While not everyone is looking for a $259.99 twig, Bauer made sure to include a secondary price point limited edition stick. This year, we’ll also see an all silver Bauer Vapor X80 Limited Edition Stick that packs a lot of punch for the price. The X80 LE also features the same Intelli-Sense Flex Profile, the same Aero Foam 3 Blade Core and a similar color scheme as the APX2 LE.

Both the Bauer Vapor APX2 LE and X80 LE sticks are available for pre-order from Inline and Ice Warehouse. Make sure you check out our great individual product review videos and product pages that have the most in-depth information you can’t find anywhere else!