The Bauer Nexus 8000 Ice Hockey Skates



Bauer designed the Nexus Ice Hockey Skate Line to fulfill their 3-Family Fit Story. Vapor Skates feature a narrow, tapered fit while the Supreme Skates boast an anatomically-correct standard fit; Bauer only needed to add a wider-fitting family to cover all the different fit bases. Bauer didn’t just want to bring in a wide-fitting skate line though, they also wanted to create a family of ice hockey skates that links past tradition with modern innovation. Thus, the Nexus Skates all feature a classic, reserved look that any hockey purist can appreciate.

The Bauer Nexus 8000 Ice Hockey Skates

While the heritage stems back to the old FlexLite days, this year’s Bauer Nexus 8000 Skates feature an exclusive 3D Lasted Curv™ Composite Quarter Package. This Curv™ Composite material is extremely lightweight and stiff, giving players much more explosive power and speed. With this excellent composite material, Bauer is also able to create a 3D Last (or boot shape) that is much more anatomically correct to the foot; meaning the new line of Nexus skates contour and conform to the foot much better than the original generation. While the fit has not changed from the previous Nexus 1000, players going from the 1000 to the 8000 will notice the boot cradles the foot much more naturally than the straight sidewalls from before. The newly redesigned boot attaches to Bauer’s premier composite outsole that includes exhaust vents that help push unwanted moisture and heat out of the bottom of the boot. The lightweight composite material offers a responsive feel with the ice plus it’s stiffness helps to fully harnesses all the power possible out of each stride.

Tuuk LightSpeed Edge Holder

Just like the Supreme MX3 and the Vapor APX 2 models, the Nexus 8000’s feature the revolutionary Tuuk Edge Holder. Bauer realized hockey players take back up sticks to the bench but they don’t bring back up steel for their holders. Although the previous Tuuk LightSpeed Holder was without a doubt the most popular holder choice in the game, if a player lost an edge or cracked their steel there were out a minimum of a shift and possibly the rest of the game. With the tried and true Quick Release Trigger, a player can swap out steel in seconds; keeping them on the ice and off the bench. The other significant improvement the new Tuuk Edge Holder boasts is the 3mm height increase. Both the front and rear post sits 3mm taller, allowing a player to get over even further on their edges without bottoming out.

For even more detailed information on the entire Bauer Nexus Ice Hockey Skate Line, watch out exclusive Insight Video with Bauer’s own Skate Category Manager. To check out the individual Nexus skates on our website that also includes individual product review videos, visit the link below!