Test Review: Wrap Around Stick Protector



IW just received the the Wrap Around Hockey Stick Protector! You can find it online here.

It’s about time that someone invented and mass produced something like this. Concrete of all kinds are known for eating composite sticks alive. All hockey players can now take to the streets with their good sticks without fear of delaminating, cracking, or otherwise breaking the blade. Outdoor training is a great tool for improvement; but using a heavy shaft with an ABS blade just is not the same. The Wrap Around protects the blade from the (reasonable & expected) dangers of the outside world. With a strong metal alloy construction, it covers the heel of the blade all the way to the top of the toe.

I used my Sher-Wood Rekker EK15 85 flex with a PP88 curve, in case you were wondering. The Wrap Around fits all traditional (legal) curves and blades.​

It was very easy to apply.We snapped some pictures along the way, so it took a little longer than it could have. Even with that, we applied it and took 15 pictures in about 90 seconds (including taping time). All we had to do was slide the metal teeth over the blade starting at the heel and wrap the toe of the blade. Finally, tape the blade and we’re all set.​

So as soon as I wheeled out on the rink, I noticed how awesome it was to skate with my normal stick at the outdoor rink where ABS blades roam in their natural environment. It was awesome. As soon as I started stick-handling, the first thing I noticed was what I can only describe as a “pingy” feel. By this I mean that I could tell that it was metal touching the puck, and the normal liveliness of my blade felt dampened. Now I know that it may not make sense that it felt “pingy” and dampened, but after talking with others who have used it, they quickly agreed. Not a significant amount though, just enough to notice it.

It took a couple minutes to adjust to this new feel and then moved onto to the shooting. The Wrap Around is designed for stickhandling and shooting wristers, so we steered away from the clappers as slapshots cause the Wrap Around to break down prematurely. Overall, shooting felt great with the Wrap Around. Though the dampened feel was still present, the flex did not change, the curvature of the blade was not affected and shooting felt great overall.

Eventually it was time to head back to the office and check out the damage, or lack thereof.

The tape on the bottom wore off pretty quickly and left some signs of wear on the metal; but hey, that’s what the Wrap Around is designed for! It peeled off the blade effortlessly and upon no closer inspection, did absolutely no damage to the blade.


Awesome! It’s easy to apply, easy to remove, and best of all, it protects. My stick without tape weighs 369 grams (yes, it’s a senior stick; gotta love the Rekker), and the addition of the Wrap Around + (a lot of) Tape brought the total up to 425 grams. That’s still lighter than a lot of other top-of-the-line sticks! For those of you who are still trying to figure out the difference in weights, it’s 56 grams. The Wrap Around itself weighs 42.5 grams.

So, instead of picking up endless supplies of unfortunate ABS blades, I’d recommend picking up a Wrap Around at Inline & Ice Warehouse.

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