Tech & Test Review: CCM RibCor 40K Hockey Sticks




After years of Reebok and CCM running alongside each other as separate brands, Reebok products will begin transitioning to CCM Hockey. The CCM RibCor Stick Line is the first of many product lines that will resurface with the longstanding CCM logo attached to it. So for those who were Reebok-loyalists, it’s time to become a CCM-loyalist. The beauty is that your “brand” conversion will be seamless because it’s literally just a name change, plus I think you’ll be stoked with the new improvements in the newly rebranded CCM gear.

With all of that aside, let’s talk about CCM’s newest family of hockey sticks, the CCM RibCor’s. Leading the charge is the top of the line CCM RibCor 40K Hockey Stick. The main difference between the previous Reebok RibCor and the CCM 40K RibCor is in the Technora® aramid fiber reinforcement.

Technora® Aramid Fiber Reinforcement​

  • Durability: This extremely strong material is used in a wide variety of markets (not just hockey) because of how well it can structurally reinforce carbon fiber without adding excess weight. CCM used it in the 40K RibCor with the plan for it to withstand harder blows to the shaft and/or blade without it breaking. Technora® also helps to limit damage from spreading once a fracture forms on the stick.​
  • Increased Pop Life: Regardless of specific models of sticks from different brands, just about every player has experienced a stick “noodling out”. The carbon fibers throughout the shaft eventually lose their stiffness and pop, making for a lifeless shot feel. Technora® in the 40K boasts excellent fatigue resistant properties; meaning the twig is going to feel newer, longer and avoids “noodling out” quicker than before.​

RibCor Pre-Loaded Shaft​

For those of you who haven’t heard about the Pre-Loaded Shaft Design before, it’s an innovative construction process that was debuted on the original Reebok RibCor. The actual RibCor technology is seen in the indentations or ribs found on the lower portion of the shaft. When the shaft is formed this way, the ribs force the carbon fiber in this area into permanent tension. Other sticks generate shot power when the carbon fibers unload, after they’ve been loaded. RibCor Technology supplies immediate and direct power transfer through the puck because it significantly speeds up the loading process of the fibers, since they’re essentially already loaded.

The feedback CCM heard about the previous RibCor was that the kick point and pop generated by the RibCor technology was outstanding (I can definitely attest to that). So, CCM has decided to leave this alone, for now. I know it gets a little technical but I can tell you from personal experience the RibCor has a shocking amount of explosive pop when you’re shooting with it, especially if you’ve never used one before. If you’ve used the RBZ Line of sticks, you know they pack mean pop but that’s coming from the blade directly. The CCM RibCor 40K stick and the RibCor 30K sticks derive their power out of the RibCor technology, it’s a totally different sensation than that of the RBZ Line, but to the similar degree of pop.

Final Thoughts​

I’ve spent my share of time with the 40K RibCor and I’m quite excited how dominant of a force it will be in today’s market. It will definitely have a fair amount of competition to be judged against but I wouldn’t not be the least bit surprised to see the 40K make a run for the top spot in the low kick stick category.

I’ve said it before, I like a really hot or lively blade face; i.e. RBZ SuperFast and the Easton V9’s. The 40K RibCor and it’s SXX2 blade sits right in the middle of the pack as far as dampened or “hotness” is concerned. I think players at both ends of the spectrum will like how it feels. Not to mention “toe shooters” can take advantage of the progressively stiff flex profile the blade has.

It weighs just above 420 grams (in an 85 flex P87A curve) but the balance point is what really impressed me. Even alongside other top end sticks that weigh in the same low 400 gram ballpark, this one took the cake. It’s really well balanced and feels significantly lighter when puck handling, compared to most of the competition.

All in all, I think it’s a home run. If you want to learn even more about it, check out our product review video on it below. If you’re ready to put in a pre-order, head over to Inline or Ice Warehouse today you’ll be one of the first players with it when it launches October 31st!