Swiftwick Hockey Socks




Last year I wrote a blog about socks, thinking that it was a once per employment blog topic. So here I am nearly a year later, eagerly (actually not sarcasm) about to write another sock blog. The sock that we’re taking a look at is the Swiftwick Cut-Resistant Comp Socks. Swiftwick designs and manufactures socks for a variety of sports ranging from running to skiing. Though you may not have heard of them prior to a few seconds ago, these socks have found their way into all 30 NHL locker rooms. Let’s take a look.

Swiftwick’s Cut-Resistant Socks set themselves apart from the competition by their light weight and low-profile fit. Hockey is already a dangerous sport without thinking about the fact that we are essentially skating with knives on our feet. The highest profile incident ocurred last year when Erik Karlsson took a skate blade to the achilles tendon, severing it for a season-long injury. Of course, there is also the Drew Miller skate-to-the-face incident last week. Swiftwick believes that players should focus on the game rather than sharp objects; also that this additional protection shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort and performance. Some other cut-resistant socks are known to be bulkier and heavier, meaning that there is a little less skate feel and a decrease in comfort. Swiftwick’s socks to an excellent job reducing the bulk for a thinner sock thanks to their HG fibers. Where some socks use Kevlar for cut-resistance, Swiftwick uses their HG fibers in the achilles and tibial tendon areas. You can see it in action here.

Ignoring the climactic music and other things, you can see the sock holding its own against a sharp skate blade.

The sock offers more than just cut-resistant protection. It uses a tight compression fit, which is proven to improve endurance, stabilize muscles and improve circulation. Swiftwick also integrates a moisture-management system, which uses a lot of design features to effectively get rid of the moisture. First, it is wicked away by their moisture-wicking material, Olefin. Then they are transported using transportation channels to the sweet ejection port, which is conveniently located right at the skate vent on the outsole of the skate. Additionally, the sock has a 4-inch sweat stopper area at the top in order to prevent upper leg sweat from entering the sock. Throughout the construction is Active antimicrobial material; this fights the bacteria that causes odor.

Swiftwick was generous enough to send us a couple pairs to test out. Having worn other cut-resistant socks, the first thing I noticed was the thin and tight fit. Usually I wear the Bauer NG 37.5 Premium Performance sock, and it is comparable in terms of thin-ness. On the ice, it enhances (not dampens) the response and feel of the skates. You can find these socks online at Ice Warehouse dot com.


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