Stick Breakdown: Playoff Use by Position and Kickpoint



Here we are in the middle of the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs. For some of us it has been a stressful month rooting for your team; while for others it has been simply a relaxing time spent watching hockey played at its finest. Whether or not you still have a vested interest in the outcome of the playoffs, here’s a little something that all hockey players can relate to no matter the playoff situation, hockey sticks.

In the past we’ve done a lot of breakdowns of stick usage depending on the number of goals scored. This time we stepped back and broke it down a little differently. Don’t worry, we’ll still total everything up for you. See? Here you go.

  • 55.4% mid-kickpoint sticks
  • 44.6% low-kickpoint sticks

Just note that these percentages are for the “top” players in the playoffs right now. By “top” we mean players who have acquired 4 or more points in the course of the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs.

As the best hockey retailer out there, we often get a lot of questions about which stick you should buy. Way too many times, people assume that they need a certain kind of stick depending on what position they play. While it plays a factor, the real deciding variable is simply the shooting style (for more information about the different kickpoints in hockey sticks, check out this blog). So, we decided to break down the stick usage first by player position, then brand, stick line, and finally kickpoints.

Before we begin, a couple notes about the data: (1) only statistics from the 2015 Stanley cup playoffs as of 5/15 were used, (2) only players with more than 4 points in the course of the playoffs were recorded, and (3) the sticks recorded were based on the graphics on the stick.


Centers acquired the most scorers (with 4 or more points), so the pool of data was larger with 30 centers:

So Bauer and Easton starting off strong with an even split. From there we can see that the Bauer Supreme line is the most used among the top playoff centers.

  • 58.6% of the sticks are mid-kickpoint sticks
  • 41.4% are low-kickpoint

We saw a lot of Bauer TotalOne MX3s out there representing to help their product line reign Supreme (yes, just did that). Many stick brands use the playoffs as a time to showcase their gear releasing in the off-season. At each position, we’ll show a picture of one of the top usedunreleased sticks. So here’s the Warrior Dynasty HD1 used here by Nicklas Backstrom.

Left Wing

The left wingers, led by Zach Parise, had a similar breakdown as the centers.

  • 46.7% mid-kickpoint sticks
  • 53.3% low-kickpoint sticks

Zach Parise has been working his magic with the unreleased now released Easton Stealth CX hockey stick.

Right Wing

Bauer dominated the right wingers, especially with the Bauer Nexus line.

  • 50% mid-kickpoint sticks
  • 50% low-kickpoint sticks

I know Toews isn’t a winger, but you gotta give the captain some love. He’s here with the unreleased Bauer Nexus 1N stick.


A common misconception is that if you play defense, you automatically need a mid-kickpoint stick. Here’s what the NHLers use:

  • 59% mid-kickpoint sticks
  • 41% low-kickpoint sticks

Here is the young Seth Jones with his CCM Ultra Tacks Stick launching soon.

Wrap Up

I think it’s fair to say that NHL players know best when it comes to stick performance. They’re going to want to use a stick that fits their playing style and ultimately what feels best in their hands. Earlier this year, Mike Green asked fans to send him the old Easton Stealth CNT out of their storage lockers or off of their walls because that is the stick for him.

There’s a pretty even split in the NHL between mid-kick sticks and low-kick sticks across all positions. The key is to find what suits you. It all comes down to what feels the best to YOU out on the rink.

We’re always happy to give you recommendations and advice! So don’t hesitate to hit us up via our live chat online, email, phone, or any way you can get in contact with us. You can (or will) find these sticks available online at Inline & Ice Warehouse.