Sneak Preview: CCM Tacks Inline Skates



The CCM Tacks ice hockey skates are shipping out on Friday, July 18th and the return of the legendary Tacks skates are exciting people everywhere! Well, almost everywhere… Roller hockey players have been sitting back and watching the ice players eagerly receive the return of their beloved skate line. Here is a public service announcement: ATTENTION ROLLER HOCKEY PLAYERS; the Tacks are coming back to you too.

CCM Tacks Inline Boot

For the most part, the CCM Tacks inline hockey skates mirror the Tacks ice skates in terms of boot construction. The CCM Tacks ice hockey skates are designed to give a player the fastest first 5 strides in hockey. Just like the ice skates, the CCM Tacks roller hockey skates feature the AttackFrame technology in the quarter package for explosive acceleration. This AttackFrame uses carbon fiber stiffeners in key areas to maximize energy transfer, resulting in explosiveness. The quarter package also has an aggressive forward pitch that comfortably places you foot on the balls of your feet, which sets you up in the fastest stance. Internally, the Tacks Skates use a Formula T6 Pro Core that creates more support, stability and stiffness for the boot. Turning the skate over, CCM puts the finishing touch on the boot with their extra stiff carbon fiber outsole.

CCM knew if you can’t be comfortable in your high-performance skate, then it might as well be the lower end… This is why they use their pro-spec Dual Zone Clarino Liner that can take a beating while also keeping your feet dry. The Clarino helps to prevent foot slippage inside the boot and it protects the heaven-like, heat-moldable foams that house your feet.

Aesthetically speaking, the CCM Tacks roller uses the same look as the ice hockey skates, with the exception of an extra protective layer on the outside of the forefoot to protect against the normal wear and tear of playing roller.

CCM Tacks Inline Skates


Taking a look at the picture above, you should notice the chassis and wheels designed for the Tacks Roller skates. The Chassis you see are called the CCM FastFrame chassis, and are constructed with a lightweight and strong magnesium. These house a 4 x 80mm setup and ship out with new Labeda Addiction wheels and Labeda Swiss Lite bearings.

Final Words

The return of the Tacks to SportCourt (or wherever you choose to roll), marks CCM’s re-commitment to roller hockey. First the RBZ roller hockey skate lineup and now the CCM Tacks line launching soon. The line will include the headline Tacks roller hockey skate, and two more tiers of Tacks Skates. Launch dates will be announced soon and of course they will be available at Inline Warehouse.

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