Sneak Peek: Innovative 37.5™ Technology to be used in 2014 Bauer Hockey Gear



Coming to Bauer products in 2014 is a new technology called 37.5™ by Cocona. This new feature will be in select Training Apparel, Team Apparel, Base Layer and Protective Equipment models. 37.5™ dries base layer and protective equipment liners faster and more effectively than the competition, allowing players to put more energy into their game instead of expending energy to keep their body cool.

The overall goal of this new technology is to maintain the ideal humidity level and temperature for the body, which is 37.5° Celsius, throughout the whole game. The problem with popular base layer and protective equipment liners is that all they do is wick away moisture instead of getting rid of it. When the moisture is simply moved and not removed, it traps the heat between the fabric and skin. 37.5™ utilizes tiny active particles inside of the fibers that capture water and release vapor. These particles react to body heat, meaning the harder the person’s body is working, the harder the technology works too. Because of these particles, it’s been clinically proven that 37.5™ dries 5 times faster than standard polyester.

37.5 Technology by Cocona

This new technology works amazing on it’s own but when combined with equipment that also uses it, (i.e. base layer shirt and hockey shoulder pads with 37.5™) the performance is only multiplied. The layers work together to provide the most comfortable, beneficial and advantageous base layer/protective gear that work together to accelerate drying as a system. All of the great Bauer hockey gear with this exciting new technology will be available at Inline and Ice Warehouse so make sure you check back in the coming months for even more sneak peeks and previews.