Sneak Peek: Easton V9E & V9T Elite Sticks



Since joining his new team and leaving his old linemate Evgeni Malkin behind, James Neal has thrived at finding the back of the net. While we all know a new stick isn’t going to make an amateur snipe like The Great One, sometimes picking up new pine can be a quick and effective confidence booster. Especially if you find success early and often with the new pick up.

As seen in the picture below, Neal is using the Easton V9E Elite stick, which is just one of the two limited edition Easton Velocity Elite Edition Sticks. The V9E Elite is the flagship LE stick that’s followed by the V9T Elite Stick. Both models showcase the signature elliptical taper that has proven to be one of the quickest releasing twigs on the market. Besides it’s release, I really like the enhanced puck feel it provides, to me it’s a significant difference and improvement from the standard taper that’s found on the V9, V7 and V3 sticks.

The Easton Velocity V9E Elite Edition Stick​

The two major technology highlights in the V9E Elite stick are the Elliptical Taper and the HyperToe blade construction. The Elliptical Taper has been around for some time now, being featured on the legendary Stealth S17 and S19 sticks from back in the day. The elliptical shape of the taper provides player’s with some of the best pop and one of the quickest shot releases on the market. The totally unique elliptical shape in the taper works by ensuring no energy is lost during the shooting process, translating into deadly velocity that puts pucks on the net in the blink of an eye. The other thing I’ve noticed is the sensational puck feel you get through the taper. Whenever you’ve got the biscuit on your blade, you know exactly where it’s sitting so there’s never a need to look down to double check.

The other key feature on the Easton V9E Elite Edition stick is the new HyperToe blade construction. This was first debuted on the Velocity V9E and V9 sticks and is now also featured on the Synergy HTX sticks too. The concept here is to help players to get more shot power and accuracy with a stiffened toe section of the internals. With the HyperToe reinforcements in the toe, the blade gets progressively stiffer as you get closer to the toe. With this, players can now load and release energy out of the blade like they do with the shaft. While any style shooter will feel the benefit from this, players that shoot directly off of the toe with be shocked at the difference it makes. For the “heel shooters”, you can still get more power out of your shot but they’ll notice the pin-point accuracy it offers even more.

The Easton Velocity V9T (ST) Elite Edition Stick​

The Easton V9T Elite Stick features all of the technologies we just talked about in the V9E Elite, but the V9T Elite comes with additional reinforcement for enhanced durability, just like the classic Easton Synergy ST. This means the entire stick has has been “beefed” up; the shaft has thicker sidewalls and it uses more layers of blade plies for significantly increased impact strength. The other great thing about this V9T Elite Edition Stick is that it now gives players who want an Easton Elliptical Taper, a high-performance option without having to go with the top of the line stick. Currently in the Velocity Line; only the V9E, V5E and V1E have this taper. The V9E is a top of the line stick, coming in a $259.99 for the senior version, the V5E is a mid-low price point at $109.99 for the senior, while the V1E is the opening price point at $59.99. The V9T Elite (with it’s elliptical taper) is priced at $219.99 and features all of the best features found on the V9E, just with extra reinforcement!

The Easton V9E Elite and V9T ST Elite Sticks will be available from Inline and Ice Warehouse, so check back soon for full product review videos with detailed product descriptions!