Sneak Peek: CCM Tacks Ice Hockey Skates



Back like they never left, CCM will be reintroducing the Tacks Skates this summer. With a name this legendary, CCM made it a point to dot their i’s and cross their t’s in the performance and the looks categories.

Attack Frame™ Quarter Package​

The majority of performance a hockey skate provides comes from the quality of the quarter package. CCM’s goal was to design a skate with the most explosive acceleration in hockey, which directly translated into the most explosive first 5 strides on the market. CCM uses their all-new Attack Frame™ Quarter with a new T6 Pro Core. The Attack Frame™ is constructed of a lightweight, stiff carbon twill which is strategically positioned for precise, explosive acceleration. The T6 Pro internal core gives the Attack Frame™ the pro-level support pro-level players need, plus it heat molds extremely well to the foot for a true customized fit.

SpeedBlade 4.0 Holders and HyperGlide Runners​

The CCM Tacks Skates also feature the SpeedBlade Holder that first debuted on the CCM RBZ Ice Hockey Skates. Compared to the old E-Pro Holder, the SpeedBlade 4.0 sits 4mm taller in the front and rear post, allowing players to get over even further on their edges without bottoming out. As minimal as it may sound, the new holder gives players a much more aggressive angle of attack, giving players that quick second of separation that can change a game in the blink of an eye. Attached to the holder are the new HyperGlide Runners that feature a highly polished finish for optimal glide that also minimizes drag. They full polished look also ties in nicely to the classy look of the CCM Tacks too! Lastly for the holder and runner combo; CCM used an extra stiff, lightweight and vented outsole. The big advantage of this specific outsole is the extra stiffness that helps to maximize power transfer during a player’s stride.

Clarino Liner and Integrated Pro EPE Foam Tongue​

Internally, the CCM Tacks use a traditional and effective Clarino Liner. It has a soft feel to the touch but it’s very efficient at wicking away moisture which is key. When condensation or sweat builds up inside the boot during a game, the foot begins to slide and greatly decreases power (and not to mention comfort). The Clarino Liner pushes the moisture to the bottom of the boot where the exhaust vent in the outsole allows it to escape. Just like on the RBZ’s, CCM is also including a set of their custom support insoles that match up directly with the player’s arch type, allowing them to get the most comfort and power possible.

The Integrated Pro Felt EPE Foam Tongue is a great pro-spec feature that is very lightweight but is also great for lace bite and impact protection. The internal foams are heat moldable, so once they are thrown in the oven, even the tongue conforms to the foot.

While the CCM Tacks Hockey Skates will cost the industry standard for pro-level performance, CCM is offering a full line up so any player can pick up a pair regardless of their budget. The whole line includes the flagship Tacks, the Tacks 6052, the Tacks 5052, the Tacks 4052, the Tacks 3052 and the Tacks 2052 skates.

The launch and pre-sale dates are still a few weeks away. Make sure you keep checking back to Inline and for awesome content and videos you won’t find ANYWHERE else!