Sneak Peek: CCM Resistance Hockey Helmet




While most are awaiting the return of the legendary CCM Tacks name that will be reincarnated in the form of new skate and stick lines, the CCM Resistance Helmet will be there sharing the spotlight. During these 2014 NHL Playoffs, many of the top players have been rocking the new bucket; LA King’s captain Dustin Brown, Philly’s Vinny Lecavalier and Chicago’s Marian Hossa are just a few of the many.

Marian Hossa & Duncan Keith in the CCM Resistance Helmet

The CCM Resistance has done quite well being adopted and accepted by NHL’ers, especially since the previous Vector shell was the most popular shell in the whole league. The shell shape is an evolution of the previous Vector but it has a clean, updated and aggressive look. The ventilation has been significantly increased with the use of more ventilation ports with strategic placement. The vents on the top of the helmet show off the protective Impact Pods in the liner, giving it a distinct look that really stands out on TV after you’ve see it once.

Tweet from CCM Europe

The most revolutionary technology in the new CCM Resistance Hockey Helmet is the liner. It uses CCM’s new R.E.D. System (Rotational Energy Dampening) that better protects players from linear AND rotational impacts. Most hockey helmets do a solid job of protecting players from linear impacts, which is a common and direct blow to the head. The R.E.D. System efficiently and effectively handles linear impacts with the new Impact Pods that are constructed of a high-quality EPP Foam with an internal shock absorber. The way CCM was able to protect players from rotational impacts is the use of liquid-filled bladders that attach the Impact Pods to the helmet’s liner. Rotational impacts occur when a player takes a blow to the head and it causes a player’s head to spin or rotate. While rotational impacts are new and are still being researched, it has been found that slowing down the rotational spin significantly decreases the chance of concussions. Using an oil-like fluid in the bladders, CCM is able to slow down the rate at which the helmet and the head spin, thus decreasing the likelihood of sustaining a concussion.

Even with a radically new liner design, CCM gave the Resistance Helmet a traditional feel with the use of Dual-Density and memory-like foams in the front and rear portions. This gives players a traditional VN Foam Liner feel with all of the added protective benefits. The foam is similar to the U+Foam that does an excellent job of wicking away moisture and it also avoids absorbing sweat. The adjustment system was also updated and moved to the back of the CCM Resistance Helmet. The single, tool-less adjustment buckle in the rear enables the helmet to pivot in two different locations, providing players with a helmet that can “cup” the occipital bone which ensures that the helmet will not slide up or lose protection.

Dustin Brown celebrating with the CCM Resistance Helmet

The CCM Resistance Hockey Helmet will be available this summer. Check back to Inline and Ice Warehouse for even more exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else!