Sneak Peek: Bauer Vapor 1X Stick



Aiming to ring in the new year with a blast, the Bauer Vapor 1X Hockey Stick is making quite the impact in the 2014 World Junior Championship tourny. While we have seen a few key players in the NHL using the next generation Vapor stick, cough cough Patty Kane, it seems like just about every team has at least one player using Bauer’s new 1X stick. And for good reason.

I’ve been using the Vapor 1X for awhile now and I’m still loving it. Like I said in the on-ice review video below, I’ve typically been using CCM and Easton sticks the last couple of months. My ideal stick has a quick, almost “snappy” release with a lively puck feel in the blade and the HTX and RibCor 40K hit those key points for me. To me, Bauer’s haven’t had that lively feel or an overly snappy release; until this Bauer Vapor 1X stick. And now I’m hooked.

Of course you can take me at my word, but let me throw out some stats out there for you too. Via Bauer, the 1X loads 20% quicker than the APX2 and it recoils (unloads) 28% faster too. That’s a huge difference that ANY Vapor user will immediately notice on their first shot with the 1X. Quick wristers and snappers fly off of the blade in an absolute hurry but when you really need to crank out a big shot, like a slap shot or one-timer, the 1X provides awesome hard shot power too.

QRT Technology (Quick Release Taper) & the end of Intelli-Sense

The Bauer Vapor 1X showcases one of the biggest changes this Vapor Line has experienced since Intelli-Sense Shot Technology debuted in that legendary X:60 stick. Instead of that dual kick point flex profile, Bauer wanted to give players a stick that will put the puck on net quicker and faster than ever before. The other reason Bauer sought to create a real low kick point stick is to further differentiate the Vapor and Supreme families. So after years of research and development, their new aggressive taper design has accomplished what they set out to achieve with facts to back it.

Aero-Sense II Blade Core

The other significant change in the 1X stick compared to the APX2 is the blade design. Previously, the APX2 had a separate “Sense Layer” wrap outside of the internal blade core and its carbon fiber. Building on the advances from the MX3, this “Sense Layer” is now directly integrated into the outer layer of TeXtreme™ carbon fiber instead of being a stand alone wrap. Since it’s now fused into the carbon, Bauer was able to remove unnecessary weight from the blade which then raises the balance point 1.5 cm’s higher than the APX2’s. While 1.5 cm’s doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s honestly very noticeable. It feels incredibly lightweight in the hands without losing it’s sturdy or strong feel.