Sneak Peek: Bauer Supreme 1S Stick



As 2016 winds down, next year’s gear is starting to make its way into the NHL. The big three we see using the new Bauer Supreme 1S stick right now includes Ovechkin, Eichel and Galchenyuk. While Eichel and Galchenyuk aren’t doing too hot right now; Ovi’s been plugging along with 25 points in 26 games, ranking 7th in goals, 1st in shots and 6th in +/-. So enough about stats, let’s get into the nitty gritty!

For the first time in over 5 years, the Supreme Stick Line is getting a significant flex profile change. Bauer is ditching the gold standard Amplified Mid Kick Point that debuted on the TotalONE and is upgrading the Supreme 1S to the MPK or Maximum Power Kick flex profile. MPK was made possible thanks to a new set of tooling Bauer designed specifically for this Supreme Line. The new line of Supreme sticks (1S, S190, S180, S170 & S160) will have a hosel that tapers noticeably more than the MX3, but it won’t taper nearly as aggressively as the 1X. Within the hosel, the shaft walls are thicker and utilize stiffer, high modulus carbon fiber too. All of this was done to strategically stiffen the lower portion of the shaft to force the kick point even higher than before. To ensure this high-powered MPK flex profile can be easily loaded, the Supreme 1S’s handle was softened. So what’s the end result? Well the Supreme 1S can store 14% more energy and return 20% more energy during the shooting process. The inequality in these numbers show you not only an improvement in power but in efficiency too. Now you can load 14% more energy into it but you’re getting 20% more energy returned. Sounds like a good deal to me. Furthermore, this is a change you notice your first time out with it. It feels like the kick point is so high that it hinges just below your top hand and straight releases like a cannon. When you’re setting up for a big clapper or a one-timer, slide that lower hand down and you can bomb away. While I’ve been using the 1S for awhile now, we’re going to hold off for awhile before we do a review blog so we can get a real good feel for the stick.

The blade remains unchanged for now, which is built off of the PowerSense 2 core with Sense Layer technology. For those who are unfamiliar with this, the foam core is constructed using two different densities of foam. The Supreme Line will continue to utilize the most dampened foams from Bauer because it helps to create longer puck contact time. The strategy of using soft foams in their “power” stick is to keep the puck in contact with the blade as long as possible, loading as much energy into the stick as they can. The more energy you can load, the more power your shot will have. In comparison, the Vapor 1X uses a stiffer and more lively foam package. These stiffer foams provide players with a bit more quick pop which ties in with the Quick Release Taper for the quickest shot release from Bauer to date. During the shooting process with the Vapor 1X though, there is much less puck contact time than the 1S which is why the 1S can shoot harder but not as quickly. Lastly is the Sense Layer, which is an aerospace grade material that is directly integrated into the outer layer of carbon, greatly increasing durability by preventing chips and cracks from forming that eventually lead to breakage.

So as always, make sure you check back soon to to see the full line (1S, S190, S180, S170 & S160 sticks), including the best in-depth video reviews as well as a long-term review on the Bauer Supreme 1S stick.