Sneak Peek: Bauer Nexus 1N Stick




Coming late 2015, we’ll see the debut of the third generation Nexus Stick Line, with the Nexus 1N leading the charge. Players such as Anze Kopitar, Jonathan Toews, Marian Hossa, Dougie Hamilton, Chris Kreider and Brad Richards have been caught with the 1N in their mitts. The Nexus 8000 is one of my current favorites in my rotation, there’s a lot to like about such a well rounded kick point. The Tru-Mid Kick Point, as Bauer calls it, provides a low-kick-like quick release because it doesn’t take much to load it up, but then it still supplies more than enough power when you really need to crank out a hard shot.

But, enough about the old because and let’s get into the new Nexus 1N stick. The big change this year is a modified kick point which Bauer continues to fine tune. The 1N will debut the Sweet Spot Technology, which allows players to load the stick easier in the designated Sweet Spot that’s marked through the center of the shaft. Bauer actually marked the shaft’s “Sweet Spot” on the stick, looking at the picture above, right below Grigorenko’s bottom hand is the Nexus “N” in grey with blue ellipses radiating from this point.

This Sweet Spot Technology essentially allows you to load the stick quicker, so it can unload quicker. The quicker you load it, the quicker your shot gets off. The important thing to remember is that you’re not losing energy either, so you’re not sacrificing power for a quick release.

This altered kick point is quite exciting because the effortless loading of the 8000 is what made it stand out to me in the first place. The other big change we’ll see in the Bauer 1N is Power Sense 2 blade core. Just like the 8000, the 1N will still have Aero Foam 3 in the heel but the bulk of the foam that makes up the rest of the blade utilizes Power Sense Core 2. This foam still maintains that excellent puck feel that the 8000 had but it allows Bauer to remove weight from the blade. The process they use to integrate the Sense Layer has also been refined to again, allow them to remove unnecessary weight in the blade. These two small but significant changes makes the 1N lighter and better balanced without sacrificing puck feel or durability.

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