Rink Rat Identity Krysis Roller Hockey Wheels



Rink Rat, a leading producer in roller hockey wheels, has just released their new lineup of wheels called the Rink Rat Identity. Rink Rat offers a variety of different wheels for any type of player, whether you play indoor or outdoor, professional or recreational. Today, we are going to be taking a quick look at their flag ship model, the Identity Krysis, Rink Rat’s latest top of the line roller hockey wheel. But let’s take a closer look at the dormant triple pour wheel that Rink Rat featured awhile back.

The Rink Rat Identity Krysis is the premier wheel in the Identity line, boasting the best speed, grip and durability. Much like the Rink Rat Split’s that were featured last
year, they use their patented Mtech™ technology; but there is a difference. They do use the Mtech™ concept, but they’ve gone a step farther and added a third layer. This process is now called the Dual Duro Mtech™ technology, which utilizes three separate urethane hardnesses to forge one of the best performing wheel to date. The inner-core uses a 62A hardness urethane and as you can imagine, it is very flexible. This has always been used in their Mtech™ technology, along with a pro level urethane exterior. What’s the purpose? As you go into your hard turns, the core allows for the wheel to flex and create greater surface area, increasing the amount of grip. What is totally new with this wheel is the middle layer, a 68A urethane hardness. The whole point of this layer is to keep the wheel rigid while in stride, which will reduce the flex while you’re skating straight and increase your overall speed. These wheels also feature Rink Rat’s Interlock hub technology, which is constructed to beef up the durability of the wheel. As the urethane is being poured, small pockets in the hub, (which you can see if you look straight through) lock the urethane in to prevent the wheel from separating. Combining all these features, you’re looking at an extremely dynamic wheel that I’m sure we’re going to see a lot of from now on. Because these wheels are brand new, all of the previous models are going on sale, so don’t miss a sweet deal on some quality wheels. For even for information on the Rink Rat Identity Krysis Roller Hockey Wheels, or the many other wheels Rink Rat offers, be sure to check them out at Inline Warehouse.com!