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There’s a joke somewhere in here about reinventing the wheel, but I’ll refrain from stooping to that level. Revision hockey has been producing roller hockey wheels for over a decade now and they have been striving to perfect the wheel. Over the years we’ve seen Revision wheels make great leaps in performance and durability, and all that has led up to this point: the Flex.

The Revision Flex wheels give players the customization option to micro-tune their wheel configuration. What does that mean? It means that using one set of wheels, players can choose different wheel configurations to fit their playing style or focus on an area of their game. Revision was able to accomplish this by creating the Flex with 2 different hardness/flex profiles on each side of the wheel.


Technological Magic

So, how does the magic happen? By the way, if you want to skip the technical nitty-gritty, head down to the implications section below.

Revision has been working with a hollow Torus for a few wheel generations now, which offers a great balance of stiffness (speed) and flex (grip). This year, with the Flex, Revision designed an asymmetrical hollow Torus and paired it with an offset Flex Ring Insert. Since the Torus is more rigid (but still flexible), the (white) side of the wheel that has the Torus exposed will be stiffer and provide a sharper edge for maximum speed. Alternatively, the ( green/yellow/orange, depending on hardness) side has a higher proportion of the Flex Ring Insert and will flex more providing greater grip.

And to wrap it all up, the Flex uses a new tough PU tire to maximize the Flex technology and also increase the durability of the wheel.



So, whether or not you read the technical specs, the Revision Flex roller hockey wheel has two distinct edges or sides: one focusing on speed and the other focusing on grip. Players can now customize their wheel configurations to suit their style of play. Check out some of the options below:



So players now easily micro-tune their game in a matter of minutes. The wheel offering includes:

  • Hardness (rating) – Sizing Guidelines – Sizes Available
  • X-Soft (72A/74A) – players below 150 lbs – 76mm & 80mm
  • Soft (74A/76A) – players below 170 lbs – 76mm & 80mm
  • Firm (76A/78A) – players above 170 lbs – 76mm & 80mm

The selection is limited to those using the 76/80mm, all 76mm, or all 80mm setup, which is the most common wheel configurations. Though, this does limit it to senior skates only. Time will tell if Revision brings this Flex technology down to the junior sizes.

All these hockey wheels and anything else you could want is available now at Inline Warehouse and Ice Warehouse.


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