Reebok RibCor Pump™ Skates




Tomorrow (March 28), Ice Warehouse will ship out the next generation of Reebok skates: the Reebok RibCor Pump™ Ice Hockey Skates. As the predecessor to the 2013 top-of-the-line Reebok 20K, the Reebok RibCor will headline the new Reebok Pump™ line, followed by the Reebok 30k skates and the 28k skates.

Reebok RibCor Pump

Let’s take a quick look at the new Reebok RibCor. The first thing that you will notice with the new skate is the new blacked-out look. Traditionally, the Reebok skate line has been known for its green pump with the light grey Reebok logo along the side of the skate, not to mention “traditional” colored steel.

Steel + Holder

The black steel has been treated in order to maintain consistency and improve edge-life. The treatment makes it corrosion resistant to keep the steel from breaking down prematurely. These are held in place by the Speed Blade 4.0 Holder which sits 4mm higher than other Reebok holders. While 4mm may not seem like a huge difference, it increases the potential turning radius by 10% so that a player can turn more sharply without leveling out.


The full carbon fiber outsole provides excellent response and stiffness while still maintaining its light weight. It comes fully equipped with vent holes in order to dry the skates quicker.

Quarter Package

Reebok is calling their quarter package the RibCor Pro, which uses an EPP Foam Core. The Reebok RibCor skates get their name from the Pro Rib reinforcement that runs along the side, just south of the eyelets (shown in the picture to the left). This serves to stiffen the skate as well as maximize the energy transfer from each stride. The skates are fully thermoformable for the custom fit. The pump, of course, provides comfort as well as provides forward flex, heel lock, and ankle support.


The Dual Zone liner with Clarino gives the skater a lot of comfort and support. The hydrophobic properties of the liner keep it drier than most skates.


The Reebok line has a medium-high volume, medium-wide heel pocket, forefoot and toe box.


The RibCor, 30k, and 28k skates launch Friday, March 28 and will be available at Ice Warehouse.