Reebok 30K Hockey Gloves




Reebok is back at it again, reintroducing their famed Kinetic Fit System (KFS) into the new Reebok 30K hockey gloves. These were preceded by the popular Reebok 11Ks, which really stood out because of the great wrist movement. Reebok has improved on the 11Ks immensely to give you a professional level glove, so let’s take a quick look at the new Reebok 30K gloves.


For those of you looking for a close-to-the-hand feel, this is definitely one you should be looking at. This glove is considered an anatomical or contoured fitting glove, which means that you’ll get a snug fit in the fingers, backhand, and cuff roll that really reduces that negative space (that you would see in a 4-Roll glove) and increases the overall responsiveness for great stick feel. The big kicker that really separates this glove from its counterparts is the integration of Reebok’s Kinetic Fit System (KFS). Essentially, this is a glove-in-glove construction, with 2 separate pieces that move separately from each other. The result? Unparalleled stick handling, especially in tight places. The seamless cuff allows for a sliding motion between the outside cuff and the glove itself, giving you an awesome feel and wrist movement.


What they have in mobility they definitely don’t lack in protection. As you can expect from Reebok, who works with the NHL to provide safe gear, they didn’t hold back when it came to the protection.
The entire glove, save the backhand, is outfitted with dual-density foams reinforced with plastic inserts. These foams disperse high-energy impacts efficiently, protecting your hand from pucks or sticks. The big feature we see is the molded and vented EVA foam on the backhand. It’s much lighter than other high-density foams, and it does provide true ventilation (yes I did test that feature out, and yes it does work). The palm is also a nice upgrade from what we saw in the 11K. They use an Ax Suede palm with a sublimated reinforcement. The triple fiber construction softens the palm, enhancing stick feel while at the same time being abrasion resistant. The palm also doesn’t absorb water, so the life of it is prolonged.

For a great look at some of the features in the Reebok 30K hockey glove, join Chase and Laura, product line manager of gloves at Reebok Hockey.

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