Product Review: Bownet Hockey Goals



The hockey season is in full swing (unlike baseball) and there is no better time than the present to get extra training in, so you can lock in your first line spot for the season and excel above the competition. You may have other training aids like the Smart Hockey Ball, Fast Hands Stickhandling aid or the Hockey Wrap Around, but you’re forgetting about an all-purpose easy-to-use hockey goal. Well, lucky for you the brand new Bownet is another great training aid to add to your arsenal this coming season, and there is good reason for it.

As a player who likes to hit up the local outdoor rink or my street it has become an issue when I can’t get access to a net because it’s locked up. If you’ve ever had a net of your own, once you set it up it’s basically stuck where it is because taking it apart and putting it back together is a pain and takes a lot of time. Also, trying to move the net while it’s still attached is also a disaster waiting to happen. The Bownet is quite the opposite, taking only minutes to set up and take down. How is this possible? Taking a closer look at its construction, the base is constructed with the netting already attached on the bottom so all you need to do is slide the black side posts in and attach the net so it holds the crossbar straight across. Once you get both side posts installed, take the two white back posts and insert them into the back and attach the back netting And you’re done. Easy as that. Taking down is even easier, as you just reverse the process, removing each net loop from the pipes and the pipes from their holders. So now you have an easy-up, easy-down net that you stick into your durable carrying bag so you can easily set it up somewhere else.

The Bownet makes playing the best sport on the planet even more accessible. You can take it to the park, beach, or your driveway and be shooting in minutes. Regardless of what type of hockey it’s used for, Bownet confidently offers a year warranty on their product. IW also offers free ground shipping on the Bownet so all you need to do is pay for the flat cost of the net. Be sure to check out Inline and Ice Warehouse for coupon codes so you can get the deals possible!