Player of the Day – Tomas Hertl – 10/10/13



Well, we all know now that Tomas Hertl is much better at the game of hockey than speaking English, but that’s beside the point. The 19 year-old rookie put on quite the show for the 18,000+ fans at SAP Center on Tuesday night, and thousands more watching the game from their living rooms. 3 NHL games in and he has already broken and tied records in both the Sharks franchise and NHL History. He tied the franchise record for most goals in a game (4) and became the youngest player since 1970 to net 6 goals in the first 3 games of the season, not to mention he is now leading the NHL in goals (6). Wow. He has already made quite the name for himself, not to mention his beauty of a goal from a shot between his legs that went bar-down for his 4th goal against the New York Rangers. Some people say that was classless, but I mean, come on, the kid is 19, and stoked out of his mind he is playing in the show. Cut him some slack, eh? But in case you haven’t seen his nasty goal, here it is:

Tomas Hertl’s Fourth Goal vs NY Rangers

Now I’m definitely sure that this is not the last we will hear from Hertl the Turtle, as he is already getting compared to Jaromir Jagr, probably the greatest player to come out of the Czech Republic to date. The rookie has set the bar quite high for expectations for the year, but I’m sure he won’t disappoint. But just to make sure he isn’t cheating or some sort of Datsyukian wizard, let’s take a look at his repertoire:

Stick: CCM RBZ Stage 2

Tomas Hertl Celebrating After Scoring Against the NYR

Hertl’s weapon of choice for his historical performance was the CCM RBZ Stage 2. With the variable kick-point that this stick offers, it can make any type of player a threat from anywhere on the rink. The Freak Channels embedded in the blade give the stick an unreal release and a sustained pop so your stick remains newer, longer.

Gloves: Reebok 11K KFS

Gloves are a huge part of Hertl’s game, especially when he’s scoring all these goals. If he doesn’t have solid protection while a great deal of mobility, scoring is going to be that much more difficult. The Reebok 11K KFS gloves offer a seamless cuff that is separate from the cuff roll that gives the player more mobility in the wrist without sacrificing hand and wrist protection.

Skates: Bauer Vapor APX

The Bauer Vapor APX hockey skates are what gave Hertl that extra speed to beat out
the New York Rangers defense and score bar-down on Martin Biron. These skates offer one of the tightest turning radius’ on the market, while being incredibly light for quicker feet.

Hertl Celebrating After His First Goal Against the NYR

Helmet: CCM Vector 10

The CCM Vector 10 is the top of the line helmet offered by CCM, featuring the lightweight EPP liner and heat-activated memory foam that gives the player a more anatomical fit while dispersing impacts effectively.

Now we can safely say that just because you wear the best gear, doesn’t make you the best, but it sure does help give you that extra advantage you need. You can pick all of this equipment today at the Inline & Ice Warehouse.