Pick Up Lines – Hockey Style



It’s February 13th (desperation day, as some call it) and the countdown to Valentine’s day has dropped from days to hours. For those who are still in search of the perfect match, we have a few pickup lines and some Valentine’s Day cards for you to use in the dying hours. Granted, these pickup lines only work on girls or guys who appreciate hockey; but let’s face it, if you he or she doesn’t like hockey, chances are that things may not work out anyways.

**Just a couple disclaimers,
1) Yes, I am also shaking my head as I’m writing this…
2) There were some great, albeit highly inappropriate lines that we left off. In a sport with hockey sticks, scoring, and playing dirty, it’s easy for things to quickly go downhill.

Alright, here we go.

Sorry, Jeff Skinner: she’s still not wearing the Hurricanes jersey you gave her. T-Swizzle is clearly not following the NHL if she’s ok with wearing this jersey out in public. She’s all yours, die hard leafs fans. Also, it would take a few concussions before we started dialing two digit phone numbers.

Yes, but Brent Burns’ Chewbacca costume is a bit of an obstacle.

Well, shoot, that’s just plain sweet, and very telling. Ovi must really have loved Maria Kirilenko… Now that their relationship is over, Ovi is free to pass the puck. Also, try to say this line without a Russian accent.

Valentine’s Day Cards Ready to Print & Send:

Toronto’s already had Phaneuf of you, Dion. Sorry.

What is a successful internet pick up line without starting it off with “girl?” Thanks, Ryan Gosling.

In other words, “You are awesome, but I’m still the captain in this relationship.”

I’ll close with this one, since you can’t get much clearer than that. I’m willing to start a riot over losing you. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I know you have some better hockey pick up lines… So comment them below!