NHL Playoff Point Leaders


Brandon at IW Hockey
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How are you doing and have you been enjoying the 2018-19 NHL Playoffs thus far? Playoff brackets have been absolutely shattered across the nation with all 4 division leaders eliminated in the first round. I've decided to check out and see what gear the top 3 point leaders are using for the playoffs. Just keep in mind that these three players are still active in the playoff run and stats were based off April 30th before the two games were played.
mikko rantanen.jpg
First up, Mikko Rantanen, right winger of the Colorado Avalanche. He finished a solid season with 31 goals and 56 assists for a total of 87 points, just nudging past his previous seasons point total which was also his career high of 84 points. He has kept his pace going into the playoffs this year to help shove aside the Calgary Flames in round one and be one of our top point leaders in the playoffs so far. He has 5 goals and 6 assists to tie our other two players for a total of 11 points. Starting with his bucket is the CCM Vector 08 helmet, which has great protection but known for its comfort. His gloves look to be a pair of pro stock CCM's while his stick of choice is the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro. Down low for wheels are Bauer Vapor 1X hockey skates. Who's looking forward to the new Vapor 2X Pro skates!? I know I am!

Next up we have one of my favorite defensemen, Brent Burns. Also having a red hot season, Burns tallied a career high of 16 goals, 67 assists for a total of 83 points. Burns definitely had his part in helping his team push their way through the Vegas Golden Knights, however Burns has turned up the heat against the Colorado Avalanche and scoring 3 goals, 4 assists in two games. He now has a total of 11 points through 9 games and he doesn't look to be slowing down. One of the most protective helmets on the market by CCM is the FitLite 3DS, which Burns wears over his greasy flow. He has a pair of pro stock CCM gloves with shot block protection and rocks the older CCM RBZ Superfast hockey stick. Down low are the CCM Super Tacks AS1 hockey skates with the Bauer Tuuk holders. I wonder if he will be switching over to the new CCM Speedblade XS holder with its new mechanical quick-release BladeLock system.

Our third player is also from the Colorado Avalanche and Assistant Captain, Nathan MacKinnon. He too has set a personal best this season by potting 41 goals, dishing out 58 assists for a total of 99 points which beat his personal best of 97 points last year. He's continued to wreak havoc on teams during the playoffs by brushing aside the Calgary Flames and hindering the chances of the San Jose Sharks. He too has 11 points through 7 games played and doesn't look to be slowing down either. His bucket is the same as fellow teammate Rantanen, the Vector 08. His mitts are the CCM Ultra Tacks and his weapon of choice is the CCM RibCor Trigger3D hockey stick. As we finish off his setup, we see him wearing the CCM RibCor 70K hockey skates with the addition of the Bauer Tuuk Holder just like Burns.

Only one of these teams will go on to play in the Conference Final and increase their chance at winning the Stanley Cup. Who do you think it will be?