NHL 3 Stars of the Week - ending Oct 13/19 - Gear Review


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Steaming into the second week are the Edmonton Oilers, making NHL history and winning 5 straight comeback wins in a row to start off the season. Who else would be this week's NHL's first star than Edmonton's center, Connor McDavid. Behind him are Winnipeg's right-wing Patrik Laine and the Penguins center, Sidney Crosby.


#1 Connor.McDavid.jpg

McDavid is on fire since returning from his injury last season and leads the league with 12 points (4 goals, 8 assists) - 7 points which came from the PP. He also leads the league with a 1.31 PPG since joining the league in 2015. I'm sure we will be seeing him consistently on the NHL's Three Star list throughout the season. If you didn't know, McDavid represents CCM Hockey and starts us off with the Vector V08 helmet, a still widely used bucket amongst players today because of its comfort. Choosing the tapered fitting Jetspeed FT1 Glove, McDavid relies on its incredible protection package, which consists of D30 Foam, Zotefoam, and plastic inserts to help protect him from chops and hooks as he tries to burn around the d-men.

Connor's twig is CCM's 3rd generation stick from the Tacks line, the CCM Super Tacks stick. An incredibly durable and power releasing stick, McDavid seems to be happy with its performance, and I would too if I was getting an average of 1.31 points per game. Will we see him make the transition to CCM's new Super Tacks AS2 Pro stick? One of the fastest skaters in the league, Connor's wheels are the Jetspeed FT2 skates, which boosts energy transfer by its full one-piece construction. They also feature CCM's new XS1 Holder that utilizes their new quick-release bladelock system to allow players to quickly swap out steel.

#2 Patrik.Laine.jpg

Laine came away this week by leading the league with 8 points in four games (2 goals, 6 assists), and has been slotted into the #2 star of the week. Looking to help his team make the post-season again, Laine helped his team secure 3 wins to give the franchise 8 points in the standings. Protecting his noggin is the new Bauer Re-Akt 150 Helmet, truly boasting some of the best comfort on the market without sacrificing an ounce of protection. That's because it's built with strategically placed, elite-level protective foams throughout the bucket for pro-level impact management. Bauer's Vapor 1X Lite Gloves, consisted of lightweight dual-density foam and plastic inserts, for featherlight protection help him grab a hold of Bauer's newest addition to the Vapor Stick family. The 2019 Vapor Flylite helped him rip home that unreal one-timer from Scheifele against the Wild. The new XE Elliptical Taper offers a quicker release for wrist and snapshots but offers the stability needed for more powerful shots like we saw Laine do. Since Laine is representing most of Bauer's new gear it is no surprise to see him rocking the Vapor 2X Pro Skates too. Bauer made their new Vapor skate even more comfortable out of the box and one of the best on the market for stride efficiency and agility.

#3 Sidney.Crosby.jpg

It is absolutely no surprise that Crosby has made it into the NHL's Three Stars so quickly into the 2019-20 campaign. Sid the Kid leads the NHL with 1,226 points in 949 GP since he first stepped onto NHL ice in 2005. He ended this week with 3 goals, 4 assists to boost the Penguins into a 3 game winning streak following a rough start to the season. Still representing the FitLite FL80 Helmet, it's because of its rotational impact protection that better dissipates impact energy taken from gnarly angled hits. Staying true to his CCM Pro Stock gloves, Crosby is also staying true to the Ribcor Reckoner stick and Ribcor 70K skates.

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