NHL 3 Stars of the Week - ending Nov 17/19 - Gear Review



Connor McDavid has taken the #1 spot in this week's NHL's Three Stars of the Week. Taking second and third place are Nathan MacKinnon and Keith Yandle.

#1 Connor.McDavid.jpg

Back in the #1 spot this week is none other than Edmonton Oilers Center and Captain, Connor McDavid. Notching 10 points in only 3 games, McDavid tallied a total of 3 goals, and 7 assists to lead all skaters within the league. He might have started off slow but he turned things up quickly in his second game by recording a career-high 6 points (3g, 3a) against the Colorado Avalanche. He finished off the week with a solid 3 assist performance against the Dallas Stars and helped the Oilers maintain their Pacific Division lead. In terms of McDavids gear nothing has changed and he still rocks the Vector V08 Helmet, JetSpeed FT1 Gloves, Super Tacks Stick, and FT2 Skates. I personally use the FT2 Skates and absolutely love the close anatomical wrap the one-piece boot offers. My stride has improved as well as my speed and power. Having CCM's new quick-release Bladelock system is great for switching out dull steel and I have found it much easier to use than Bauer's Tuuk Edge Holder.

#2 Nathan.Mackinnon.jpg

This week's #2 spot has been given to Colorado Avalanche and Assistant Captain, Nathan Mackinnon. He finished the week with off with 7 points (4 goals, 3 assists) in three appearances and was a major factor in helping the Avalanche defeat the Winnepeg Jets on Nov 12. He leads his other teammates and is now sixth in the NHL with a total of 29 points (13 goals, 16 assists). Like McDavid and many others, Mackinnon wears the CCM Vector V08 Helmet that provides great comfort, adjustment, protection, and excellent field of vision. His mitts are CCM's Ultra Tacks, which are some of the first gloves to sport CCM's D30 Smartfoam that excels at absorbing hockey-related impacts. It remains soft and flexible in its natural state but upon receiving an impact hardens to absorb and dissipate the impact energy. This along with a comfortable contoured fit has remained a top glove choice years.

Nathan's weapon of choice is CCM's RibCore Trigger 3D Hockey Stick, weighing in at a comfortable 415 grams and great for sniping water bottles with its low-kick point. Down low are CCM's RibCor 70K skates, which is surprising not to see him wear the new RibCor 80K's. The new 80K's are seriously some of the most comfortable skates ever released and boast a true one-piece boot and CCM's new XS Holder. I say this because MacKinnon has Bauer's Tuuk Edge Holder attached to his 70K's, most likely for quick blade changing.

#3 Keith.Yandle.jpg

The NHL's Third Star for the week ending Nov 17 is Florida Panthers Defencemen and Assist Captain, Keith Yandle. He was the top defensemen this week and finished with a strong 8 points (1 goal, 7 assists). In his first game against the Boston Bruins, Yandle helped the team with a massive comeback in the final period and was part of 3 out of the 4 goals. He recorded multiple-point games in each of the two remaining games, including a 3 assist performance against the New York Rangers on Nov 16. Another CCM guy, Yandle wears the CCM Resistance Helmet that offers great rotational impact protection by the unique R.E.D (Rotational Energy Dampening) Liner. He wears a set of pro-stock CCM mitts that grab onto CCM's JetSpeed FT2 Stick, one of my favorite sticks to date. Its hybrid kick-point adapts to your hand placement that allows for a big clapper from the point or quick release in tight near the circle. It has a great puck feel and weighs a comfortable and balanced 410 grams. Unlike MacKinnon, Yandle wears CCM's RibCor 80K hockey skates with shot block protection. Something unique about the 80K's is its FlexFrame Technology that adapts to any foot shape, making them a great choice for all players. Inside is the most comfortable ankle pads in any skate today and provides out of the box comfort before you even bake them.

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