NHL 3 Stars of the Week - ending Nov 10/19 - Gear Review



The NHL's Three Stars of the Week ending November 10 are Anders Nilsson of the Ottawa Senators, Auston Matthews from the Toronto Maple Leafs, and Cale Makar of the Colorado Avalanche.


#1 Anders.Nilsson.jpg

Goaltender for the Ottawa Senators, Anders Nilsson, takes the number 1 spot this week with his solid three-game performance. While being peppered with over 100 shots, Nilsson managed to turn away 96 of them, giving his team 3 wins and 6 more points in the race for a playoff spot. Ottawa now has 6-9-1 record and 13 points heading into next week. Nilsson is a mixed bag of gear, boasting a few different brands in protection. Up top, he is looking through a CCM 1.9 Goalie Mask, which is constructed with a shape that allows the face to sit deeper in the shell, ultimately improving visibility and range of vision. His catcher, blocker, and leg pads are Brian's, while his goalie stick is a Warrior Ritual V1 Pro+. He then steps into custom-fitted True Hockey Skates, a very popular choice among NHL Goalies.

#2 - AUSTON MATTHEWS, TOR #2 Auston.Matthews.jpg

Making his second appearance already this year and this week's #2 NHL Star of the Week is, Auston Matthews. The Maple Leafs scored 11 goals throughout the week and Matthews was involved in 9 of them (2 goals, 7 assists). In his game against the Chicago Blackhawks, Auston achieved a career-high of 4 assists. We have already seen one change in his gear since the first week of the season, his helmet. CCM's new Tacks 910 is hitting the market next year, but Matthews is enjoying the performance and fit of it already. Everything else is the same, staying loyal to the Jetspeed family - FT2 Stick, FT1 Gloves, and FT2 Skates.

# Cale.Makar.jpg

A young defensemen rookie from my hometown Calgary, Alberta, takes the NHL's Third Star of the Week. With a 6 point performance (3 goals, 3 assists) through 3 games, Makar is the second defensemen since 1943 to tally 17 points in their first 17 career regular-season NHL games. He also leads all rookies in points and seems to be an upcoming star. Makar dresses in Bauer gear from head to toe without sticking to one particular Bauer family. Up top, he sports the Bauer Re-Akt Helmet, which is popular for its Suspend-Tech liner that moves independently from the shell to better protect players from rotational impacts. Bauer's Vapor 1X Lite Glove is his mitt of choice, which boasts a ton of mobility and dexterity for the hands, fingers, and wrist. His weapon of choice is the Bauer Nexus 2N, one of the most popular blade cores amongst NHL Players. It provides exceptional puck feel and control all within an extremely lightweight construction. Down low are Bauer's Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Skates, boasting Curv Composite in the quarter package that is extremely lightweight and thermoformable. Additionally, the 2S Pro's include Bauer's Speedplate 2.0 footbeds that when heat-molded with the boot offer customized arch and heel support, resulting in better energy transfer in every stride.

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