NHL 3 Stars of the Week - ending March 31 - Gear Review


Brandon at IW Hockey
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The NHL 2018-2019 season has gone by so fast and this is our second last week before we dip into the first round of playoffs! Leading us off is Columbus Blue Jackets goalie, Sergei Brobovsky. At second place, Detroit Red Wings left wing Tyler Bertuzzi, and sealing third place is Arizona Coyotes goaltender, Darcy Kuemper.
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#1 Sergei Bobrovsky2.jpg
We last saw Sergei at the end of February when he came third place while Varlamov snatched first place. This week he was the one who sealed first place by having an incredible week and finishing off with a 4-0-0 record with 2 shutouts. His 1.00 GAA and .966 SV% are fantastic numbers for 4 games played, but they also helped his team move into the first Wild Card Spot. To quickly recap Bobrovsky's gear, he wears a CCM Pro helmet and unreleased CCM Extreme Flex 4 leg pads, blocker, and catcher. He plays the puck with a Warrior Custom Pro stick and pushes in the crease with custom skates by True.

#2 Tyler Bertuzzi2.jpg
A new face this week comes from the Detroit Red Wings, Tyler Bertuzzi. Tyler put up 3 goals and 7 assists in four games this week to solidify his spot among the NHL's 3 Stars. He also recorded three consecutive three-point games, becoming the first Red Wing to hit this feat since Yzerman back in 1992-93. Tyler sports a lot of CCM gear and we start off by seeing him wear the CCM Resistance helmet, very popular still among NHL players. His mitts are a pro stock model from CCM that grip onto the RibCor Trigger ASY hockey stick. Wrapping his feet are a custom pair of skates by True.

#3 Darcy Kuemper2.jpg
Darcy Kuemper finishes us off this week by boasting a 0.65 GAA and .979 SV% in his three games played. Stopping every shot against the Chicago Blackhawks and Minnesota Wild, Kuemper is helping his team fight for a Wild Card spot in the Western Conference. Darcy represents a lot of Vaughn and we start off with his bucket, the Vaughn Pro Carbon Elite goalie mask. The Carbon Elite mask has a carbon fiber construction and titanium cage to maximize protection without adding weight. For legs pads and blocker we see the Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Carbon while the VE8 Pro Carbon catcher is used for his big glove saves. He decides to play the puck with the unreleased Warrior R/V1 Pro+ goalie stick and joins the other two stars of the week in the True custom skate club.