NHL 3 Stars of the Week - ending March 10 - Gear Review


Brandon at IW Hockey
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We have some new faces for this weeks NHL's Three Stars. Florida Panthers Jonathan Huberdeau, Dallas Stars goalie Ben Bishop, and Anaheim Ducks RW, Troy Terry.

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#1 Jonathan Huberdeau2.jpg
After a four game week, Huberdeau led the league with 4 goals, 5 assists to help the Panthers have a small chance at still making the playoffs. Jonathan boasted his second four-point performance of the season and ranks second on the Panthers with 74 points in 69 games. With 74 points, that also marks his personal best, passing his previous p.b of 69 points tallied last season. Huberdeau starts us off by rocking the old CCM Vector 08 helmet. His mitts are a pro stock model but can be closely compared to the CCM Super Tacks gloves. They offer a contoured fit and CCM's most protective foam technology, D30 Smart Foam. I am looking forward to the new Super Tacks AS1 gloves that are coming out later this year! His weapon of choice is the CCM Jetspeed hockey stick which means he likes the variable kick-point that releases quick shots without sacrificing power. If you are a fan of the Jetspeed stick, then you're going to love the new FT2 that is also coming out later this year! What better way to finish off a guy who is representing CCM than with the brand new Jetspeed FT2 hockey skates. Huberdeau is rocking these new skates that are absolutely incredible. They showcase the newly anticipated Speedblade XS Holder which allows players to quickly swap out or replace damaged steel in virtually seconds. For a deeper insight into the new CCM Jetspeed FT2 hockey skates, click here.

#2 Ben Bishop2.jpg
Our second "star" of the week comes from Dallas, Ben Bishop. Bishop stood strong in net posting back-to-back shutouts and keeping his team in the first Wild Card position in the Western Conference. Bishop's two consecutive shutouts were the first of his career and is now the first goaltender in Dallas to do so since Kari Lehtonen back in 2012. Ben Bishop is now tied for 3rd in the league with five shutouts. Let's take a look at his equipment starting with the helmet. The Bauer 960XPM goalie mask is the most popular mask series in the NHL and showcases carbon reinforcement and XRD foam for elite-level protection. For protection and helping him to stop all 59 shots he faced last week, Bishop suits up with the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro leg pads, blocker, and catcher. For big stick saves and playing the puck, Bishop uses the new and unreleased Warrior Ritual V1 PRO+ goalie stick. Down low, he utilizes the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro goal skates which give incredible lateral movement and protection to goalies.

#3 Troy Terry2.jpg
Our brand new face this week comes from the right-winger and rookie of the Anaheim Ducks, Troy Terry, who fills our third place spot. Terry tallied 2 goals, 5 assists in four games this week. He posted consecutive three-point games which is the first rookie in Anaheim history and the first rookie to do so since Matt Barzal last year. Even though Anaheim has really struggled this year, watch out for Terry to add some offensive strength to their team in the next few years. Troy seems to be a guy who mixes up between Bauer and CCM. Starting off with his helmet is the Bauer Re-Akt, which does a great job of protecting players against oblique hits (hits from angles). It looks to me like he used to wear Warrior gloves but has recently switched over to a pair of CCM Pro Stock gloves. I do know that he uses the Super Tacks AS1 hockey stick which is the lightest, most durable, and most powerful stick in the Tacks' 5th generation. Like a lot of NHL players around the league, Terry wears the Bauer Vapor 1X hockey skates.

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