NHL 3 Stars of the Week - ending Dec 15/19 - Gear Review



The NHL has named two new faces for the week ending Dec 15, Max Pacioretty being named this week's First Star, Anthony Duclair being named this week's Second Star. Completing the trio is a returning face, Jack Eichel from the Buffalo Sabres.



#1 Max.Pacioretty.jpg

The Golden Knights had a busy 4 game schedule this week and took home three victories, which moved them into second place within the Pacific Division. During those three games, Pacioretty led his team and the NHL with 8 points (5 goals, 3 assists). He scored a single goal in his first two games, notched a goal and assist in his third game that included the overtime game-winner, and finished the week off by registering a 4 point night (2 goals, 2 assists) against the Vancouver Canucks on Sunday. For hockey gear, he wears Bauer's Re-Akt Helmet, once again boasting that suspend tech liner which helps with rotational impacts, increasing head safety. Wrapped around his hands are Warrior's Covert QR Edge Gloves with shot block protection. One of the biggest standout features of the glove is the AxyFlex cuff. It allows for complete wrist mobility while enuring close-to-the-body protection and coverage. Pacioretty handles Warrior's Covert QR Edge Stick, showcasing the unique Edge Taper that provides a quicker shot release with more stability and accuracy. Down low, we finish things off with Bauer's Supreme 2S Pro skates, a medium volume fit that boasts a Curv Composite boot and Speedplate Footbeds for an amazing fit once baked.

#2 Anthony.Duclair.jpg

Duclair has really seemed to find his niche with the Ottawa Senators after being traded around with a number of teams over the last 4 years. Since joining the team, Duclair has scored 26 goals in 55 games, being one of a handful of other elite players to have scored as many goals in as many regular-season games. This week he finished with 6 points (5 goals, 1 assist) over the span of three games. Being held off the scoresheet against the Montreal Canadiens, Duclair registered 3 points (2 goals, 1 assist) against the Bruins and finishing strong with his third career hat trick, which included the game's winner in overtime against the Columbus Blue Jackets. He now leads the Senators with 25 points (18 goals, 7 assists) and is only 3 goals away from breaking his career-high of 20 goals with the Coyotes in the 15-16 season.
Duclair's helmet is also the Bauer Re-Akt, just like we see Pacioretty and many other players wearing. His gloves are Bauer's Vapor 1X Lite Pro's, which are different from the 1X Lite's. The Pro model has beefed up protection with the use of Poron XRD, a highly protective smart foam that offers better impact absorption to slashes and blocked shots. It also features a complete Nash palm and one-piece cuff, both of which are highly requested specs among NHL Players. His weapon of choice, Bauer's Vapor 1X Lite, now the shadow of Bauer's new Vapor Flylite. Once the lightest Vapor stick, it brought players better shot stability by preventing the blade from opening up on harder shots. It's no surprise we finish off with non-other than Bauer's Vapor 2X Pro skates, boasting the best fit, agility and comfort properties a Vapor skate has ever seen.


#3 Jack.Eichel.jpg

Being named the NHL's Third Star back to back weeks is, Jack Eichel. He also posted 6 points (5 goals, 1 assist) in three games this week, extending his point streak to 16 games. He leads this season's longest point streak and now tied with Tim Connolly who holds the Buffalo Sabres longest point streak record. Eichel helped the Sabres gain 5 points toward the standings and slide their way into the Atlantic Division's second place. He is currently second in the league at 23 goals and well on his way to breaking 100 points while smashing his career-high of 82 points last season. A common piece of gear among this week's Three Stars is Bauer's Re-Akt Helmet, which is Eichel's bucket of choice too. Bauer's 2S Pro Gloves wraps his hands while holding onto the Supreme 2S Pro Stick that releases blistering power and accuracy. Down low is the Supreme 2S Pro Skates, same ones as Max Pacioretty, our First Star of the week.

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