NHL 3 Stars of the Week - ending April 7 - Gear Review


Brandon at IW Hockey
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We have officially come to an end of the regular season, and with that our final three NHL stars of the week. Taking the final 1st NHL star of the week is Vladimir Tarasenko. At second, Nashville Predators goalie Pekka Rinne, and concluding the season at third place is Dallas Stars RW, Alexander Radulov.
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#1 Tarasenko.jpg
Leading the NHL this week with 3 goals, 4 assists, Tarasenko helped his team finish third in the Central Division and off on their journey against Winnipeg Jets. Vladimir finished his season with 33 goals, 35 assists in 76 games played, making him one of two players to score 30 or more goals in each of the last five seasons. None other than the ultimate goal scorer, Alex Ovechkin, shares this title. Tarasenko rocks a lot of CCM gear from head to toe. Up top, we see the CCM FitLite FL80 helmet which features the second generation R.E.D System that improves protection against rotational impacts. For a similar option and widely used among NHL players today is the CCM Tacks 710 helmet. His mitts are the traditional fitting CCM Tacks 4-Roll Pro which offer amazing protection, wrist mobility, and stick feel. The second generation in the RibCor hockey stick line, the Reckoner, is Tarasenko's weapon of choice. The Pop Matrix shaft geometry is what gives the Reckoner's deadly shot release. The latest RibCor stick today is the Trigger3D, harnessing all of the technologies throughout the years into one deadly accurate package. Finishing up Tarasenko's gear are the Reebok RibCor Pump skates. The signature Pump was designed to help players increase heel lock while the Lace Lock feature allows players to individually customize the tightness of the upper and lower laces.

#2 Pekka Rinne2.jpg
Rinne takes the second spot last week by going 3-0-0 with a 2.01 GAA, .935 SV%, and leading his team to their second straight Central Division title. He finished the year with 30 wins, a 2.43 GAA, .918 SV%, and four shutouts in 56 GP. Rinne now has five consecutive 30-win seasons which only two other goalies can say, Devan Dubnyk and Braden Holtby. He wears the very popular Bauer Profile 960XPM helmet but switches over to CCM for the majority of his equipment. You can see him rocking the unreleased Extreme Flex 4 equipment and hockey stick, which will be available for purchase at IW Hockey April 26! Finishing up Rinne down low are a pair of custom True hockey skates.

#3 Alexander Radulov2.jpg
Finishing us off is Dallas Stars RW, Alexander Radulov, who potted 2 goals and dished 4 assists in three games to help his team earn their first playoff appearance since the 2015-16 season. Radulov finished the season with 29 goals and 43 assists, matching his personal best in points but setting a new career high in goals. Up top, Radulov sports the Easton E400 helmet, a popular choice amongst NHL players a few years ago. His glove choice are the Bauer Vapor 1X's, which have great protection to the backhand. The Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Pro's are the next generation and have an improved fit and feel that pro's prefer. His weapon of choice is the CCM Super Tacks, the third generation of Tacks sticks. The Super Tacks AS1 is the fifth generation and is the lightest, most durable, and most powerful Tacks stick to date. Finishing off down low are his Bauer Vapor 1X hockey skates, which are incredibly responsive in every skating movement and very popular among NHL players around the league.