New 2014 Bauer Hockey Skates



2014 is finally here and everyone is still talking about the epic OD1N project that showed how hungry Bauer is to lead the industry in innovative hockey gear technology. Leading up to their experimental OD1N project, Bauer hosted an event called Bauer World where attendees are shown the new 2014 retail hockey equipment lines by the corresponding product designers and developers to help fully explain the new technology. This year’s Bauer World was the biggest to date, unveiling for the first time a wide variety of advanced and technical hockey gear that will leave everyone from the gear junkies to the hockey purists asking for more.

Bauer Supreme MX3 Hockey Skates

The new Bauer Supreme MX3 Ice Hockey Skates take the best characteristics and Supreme foundations of the NXG and combines it with the innovations first seen on the APX2 hockey skates. The MX3 will continue to use the same fit in the Curv™ composite quarter package, offering an anatomical and close-to-the-foot feel. The major changes are seen in the lacing system and holder. The MX3 utilizes the one-piece, injected stability lacing system and the Tuuk Edge Holder seen from the 2013 Vapor skates. The lacing system has evolved from the first model that was on the APX2 to circular, locking eyelets and the natural lean over the top of the foot that has a better wrap for the player.

Bauer Nexus 8000 Ice Hockey Skates

The Bauer Nexus 8000 sees a major overhaul​
, joining the Supreme MX3 and the Vapor APX 2 will a full Curv™ composite quarter package that tries to carry on the tradition of a classic, hockey-purist look. The 8000 joins the rest of the Tuuk Edge Holder club​
that gives players one of the most aggressive turning radius’ in the game by sitting 3mm taller than traditional Tuuk holders.​
This new Edge Holder also drastically minimizes time to swap out broken or dull steel with its quick release trigger system, making sure to keep you on the ice and out of the locker room when it’s crunch time.​

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