Konixx Pure Roller Hockey Wheels Review




If you’ve been following NARCh this year, especially on the west coast, then doubtless you have come across Konixx in some capacity. For those who haven’t had the opportunity to hear, Konixx is a roller hockey wheel company who made their official debut at NARCh Winternationals in early 2016.

What is Konixx?

So to answer the questions of Cotton Eye Joe, they come from years of roller hockey experience and they set out to make the best wheel possible at an affordable price. They were fed up top the line wheels costing players an arm and a leg, and they did something about it. Throughout the production and testing , the founders refused to compromise and strove for perfection. After a long R&D process on and off the rink, Konixx was confident that they found the formula for their wheel, the Pure.

Konixx Pure

In terms of appearance, the Pure roller hockey wheels may not be your cup of tea. Whether you think the pearly goodness is the incredible or you think that it’s flat-out boring, there’s a reason for the clean look. Purity. The simplicity of the design and the absence of colors or decorations was to keep the wheel pure; without any additives or chemicals to affect the wheel composition and in turn, performance.

Generally speaking, the faster wheels are stiffer and the wheels with the most grip are softer. There usually has to be a compromise of each to find the perfect balance. Surprisingly, the formula that Konixx came up with provides. The wheels are stiffer than other comparable wheels out on the market to maximize the speed of the player, yet with top-notch grip. The stiffness of the wheels is the reasoning behind the Konixx hardness rating system: +0, +1, and +2.

  • +0 = Up to 170 lbs
  • +1 = 160 lbs – 200 lbs
  • +2 = 190 lbs and above

This way, players won’t be confused by stiffness ratings that didn’t correspond with their current wheels.


NARCh Winternationals was the first tournament that introduced Konixx wheels and that was the first time that I skated on the Konixx Pure wheels. Before I go into my experience with the wheels, I’ll tell you a little about my playing style for reference. My game relies on speed. So when I first put the Pure’s in, my questions were in this order: “How quick can I get up to full speed in these?” and “How fast can I stop from full speed?” After that of course was turning and maneuverability.

I’ll also add that I didn’t have a choice when it came to wearing the Pures. The NARCh Pro team that I played for was now sponsored by Konixx (who I had never heard of, at that time) and I had to wear them. In the past, I’ve seen sponsored teams forced to wear the sponsor’s equipment much to the chagrin of the players and hoped that wouldn’t be the case here.

I wasn’t so sure about these when I first stepped on the rink for warmups so I was a little hesitant at first as I got my bearings. After a few quick starts and stops, a few laps around the rink and a couple shifts into the game, the Konixx Pure’s had my complete confidence. The wheels were as fast as any wheels I’d skated on before and gave comparable grip to softer wheels. Each stride had the grip to gain traction and speed, but not enough to hinder or slow my skating. They were incredible!

My Custom CCM RibCor 50K Setup Posing During Warmups

Right after Konixx’s debut tounrmant, many of the testers announced via (repeated) social media posts that the Pure wheels were the best yet. A few guys that I coach asked me in an insincere, mocking voice, “So are they the sickest wheels you’ve ever skated on?” I laughed a little and honestly answered, “I’m not sure yet.”

That was back in January; it’s currently July and I’m still skating on that same set. One of the many reasons why I love the Pure wheels is their durability. I’m usually extremely hard on wheels by aggressively digging in deep when I stop, so in the past I never gave it a second thought when I had to replace my back wheels every 3-4 months. It was just a normal part of my routine.

So after the 4 month mark, I kept on waiting for the one of the wheels to start cracking/chunking or for the performance of the wheels to decline. I’m 6 months now in and still waiting… In the meantime, I can fully recommend the Konixx Pure wheels.

IW Factory Direct Pricing

Inline & Ice Warehouse is the only hockey retailer that carries the Konixx brand. We were able to secure factory direct pricing so as to keep true to Konixx’s goal of an affordable set of top-notch wheels. Konixx also introduced the Catalyst (mid-price point indoor wheel) and the Nucleus (goalie wheel). And of course, you can find it all at Inline & Ice Warehouse.