John Scott – What Does the “Fan Favorite” All-Star Wear?



Well, John Scott may very well be headed to the all-star game this year. Around 4 PM on December 1st, John Scott was sitting pretty at 56th overall in all-star voting. Now… well… here’s a picture of how things are going for him now (December 2nd, 12 PM).

To cast your vote for or against, or just to watch this spectacle, Head to the NHL Voting.

It will be interesting to see if the NHL will intervene. Though, I know quite a few people who will tune into the all-star game knowing that the 6’8″ giant will be hustling from goal line to goal line, in an attempt to keep up with the NHL’s best players in the new 3-on-3 format. Let’s not forgot that John Scott is coming off of his breakout season in which he more than doubled his career goal totals and scoring with an impressive 15% shot percentage.

As enforcers play a lesser role in today’s NHL, you see former goons turning into elite snipers which is what we have to look forward to in the 2016 NHL All-Star game.

So, this is what happens when you don’t screen eligible players and give all the power to the people. It’s their fault that we’re here examining what hockey gear John Scott is using.

Stick – CCM Tacks Hockey Stick

Now replaced by the CCM Ultra Tacks Stick, it’s obvious that the great John Scott is going for power with his mid-kickpoint CCM stick.

Gloves – CCM Tacks Glove Line

From the flare of the cuff, it looks like a custom glove with the fully padded backhand for blocking shots and people. The CCM Tacks line has a tapered fit, which makes the cuff easier to slide the hands out of, for a quick bout of fisticuffs with the opponent.

Skates – CCM RibCor Skate Line

What can I say, the man likes comfort. A lot of time on the bench and in the penalty box can be devastating to your feet unless you have a comfortable skate like the 50K.

Helmet – CCM FitLite FL80

We’ve seen him in both a Reebok 7K and the CCM FL80, so we’re going with the current model. The man is in the hitting business, so he needs something solid to protect his head.

IW is not affiliated with nor is recommending that John Scott should be in the all-star game. Though you have to admit, it would be funny to watch Bettman try and explain why he’s there.