IW Now Carries Stable 26 Skate Socks



Since I began writing blogs for IW a couple years ago, I never thought I’d see the day where I write a blog about a sock – today’s the day. I mean, what could there be to write about a piece of cloth that provides a barrier between your foot and the boot? Let’s find out. If you’ve purchased many a pair of new skates over the years, undoubtedly you’ve run into ill-fitting skates causing pain, blisters, pressure points, callouses, and Bauer bumps (aka Haglund’s Deformity to the non-hockey players). The Stable 26 skate socks are the solution.

Stable 26 is not a new name to the sporting footwear world, with experience in golf, skiing, and running. Stable 26 may be a new name to you, and a little confusing to those unfamiliar with the 26 structural support bones in the human foot. The Stable 26 skate socks provide the optimal fit, support, and protection in order to improve a player’s performance. Recently introduced to the hockey world, Ottawa Senators’ Norris Trophy winning defenseman, Erik Karlsson, hopped on board: “Fit and stability [are] so important for me. Stable 26 technology has given me the comfort in my skates to perform at the highest level.”

Silicone Pads
From the picture (and the fact that there is a blog dedicated to them), you can tell that these are no ordinary socks. The first thing that you might notice is the “thing” near the heel. That “thing” is a silicone pad that is designed to reduce negative space in the boot and improve the fit of the skate, which benefits the player in many ways. Skate manufacturers are unable to create a fit for every single person because all of the variety out there, and that is where Stable TwentySix fits in. The biggest issues with negative space in the boot is the reduction of performance and comfort. This negative space is the primary cause of blisters and general fit discomfort, and even translates heavily into gameplay. If your foot, especially the heel, moves around inside your skate, then your skate won’t allow you to play to your full potential. A skate with the negative space removed or reduced gives a hockey player improved agility, control, transitions, and overall skating.

Skates are designed for a snug fit on a players foot and unfortunately, that is not always be the case. For one reason or another, many players find themselves in a pair of skates that don’t quite fit right. Silicone pads in the Stable 26 hockey socks provide the ideal solution. The flexible silicone pads are soft and smooth for comfort, while they maintain their shape and structure to support your foot. They rest right underneath the ankle and anatomically fit for comfort. Stable 26 knows that everyone’s feet are snowflakes and that unique foot shapes require different support.

The standard sock houses 4mm silicone pads on the outside of the foot and 2mm pads on the inside; their innovative design fits the vast majority of foot shapes and sizes in the standard sock alone. Though, for fully customized support, Stable 26 offers an optional custom fit pack with 2 x 2mm pads, 2 x 4mm pads, and 2 x 6mm. Oh, did I forget to mention that the the pads are removable? You can switch out the pads to find the pad combination that suits you the best. Two more points real quick before we move away from the silicone pads: 1) they feature ventilation holes for air movement and to prevent excess heat build up, and 2) they are constructed with microbial resistant materials for a cleaner sock.

Other Features
Don’t think that Stable 26 just added silicone pads to a sock and then called it a day. They went to extreme detail to perfect the performance skate sock, from the toes all the way to the elastic band. In addition to the elastic holding ribs that keep the sock in place, they also feature:

Alright, here I am at the conclusion of my first sock blog. I am thoroughly impressed with the Stable26 technology and the overall feel of the socks, and I hope you are too. That’s why we are gave a pair away! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, and in person. They are available in both the black and white options at Inline & Ice Warehouse.

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