Insight Into the CCM RBZ Protective Gear



For all of you CCM Crazy Light fanatics, CCM has done you one better and finally came out with their newest RBZ protective line. While they do have many similarities between the past and present lines, there are some key new features that really make the RBZ’s stand out and I’m sure you guys are interested in what they have to offer. All of their gear will include top to bottom pricing with the 90, 110, 130, 150 (SR. only) and the RBZ.

CCM’s product development team knew the strengths and weaknesses of their past gear releases so they needed to figure out what they can do to improve and be a competitive force in the hockey gear market. Looking at last year’s U+ lineup, there were definitely some things that could be improved on. They wanted to keep the same overall theme: gear for the crafty and agile player who needs to cut as much weight as possible. CCM kept their iconic Crazy Light U Foam on the flagship RBZ for shins, shoulders, elbows and ice pants, which shares the same properties as high-density foams that provide professional level protection. What separates it from the rest? It weighs a fraction of other foams, and on your protective gear, the foams make up most of the weight; by CCM’s studies, about 4 pounds of weight to be exact.

So when you cut down on that extra weight while getting the same great protection, that is a lethal combination. The low-profile design of these pads, especially on the shoulders, is what makes this such a popular choice for pros and consumers. The less bulk, the more mobility you have, and that is the other big theme CCM wanted to touch on.

Another thing that the pros and consumers were complaining about was the chest piece riding up on your neck when you put it on. With the new sternum construction, they added comfort foams around the collar and placed the sternum guard underneath the other 2 pieces, which gives the shoulder pads that low-profile feel that doesn’t get in the way. They also slightly changed the fit for the shins and elbows to be more anatomical, so that when you put it on, it stays as close to your body as possible, reducing any extra bulk. So if you wanted some more insight into CCM’s goals for this line, check out the video below for more information. And of course, be sure to check out Inline and Ice Warehouse to grab this great gear today!

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