Hockey Glove Fit Profiles: Which One Is Right For You?



You may or may not know that hockey gloves come in a few different types of fit profiles. The three styles of fit are: Traditional, Contoured, and Tapered. If you are brand new to the game you're probably wondering what the difference is and which one is going to be right for you. Let's take a look at the differences between the three fits and which gloves Bauer and CCM provide in each style.
Traditional fitting gloves have been around the longest, hence the term traditional. You may have also heard the term, 4-roll, which simply means there are 4 segmented protection rolls on the backhand which is the classic looking style of the hockey glove. When you put these gloves on, you will notice how much room your hand has. This doesn't mean the glove is too big (if you sized your hand correctly). There is supposed to be volume in the fingers, backhand, and cuff which allows for some really good mobility. If you want a looser fit around your hands, a traditional style of glove is right for you.
Next up, the contoured fitting glove. Complete opposite to the traditional style glove, contoured fitting gloves reduce all negative space inside so the glove will wrap around the fingers, backhand, and cuff much more. It will have a very close-to-the-body fit for much more glove responsiveness to hand movements. You could almost say the glove feels like one with the hand.
The perfect middle ground is going to be the tapered fitting glove. The fingers and backhand are going to have a fit very similar to the contoured style glove and the cuff will be very similar to the traditional style glove. So the glove essentially has an anatomical fit through the fingers and backhand that opens up to more volume around the wrist. This style of glove is great for players who like the snug fit around the hand but wanting a little extra mobility for the wrist.

Now that we have narrowed done which style of fit each have to offer, lets take a look at the gloves themselves. If your heading the traditional way, Bauer's Nexus 2N 4-Roll and CCM's Tacks 4-Roll hockey gloves are the way to go. Even though they each have the same fit profile, they each have their own unique features to boast. The Bauer 2N glove has an adjustable split cuff design which allows the hockey player to adjust the cuff more open or closed depending on preference. The 2N also features Bauer's patented 3-piece flex lock thumb. The thumb is segmented into three pieces which allow for even better dexterity while still preventing hyper-extension. The CCM Tacks 4-Roll offers one of the best broken-in feel right out of the box. The exterior is built with pro-selected polyester and synthetic overlay to provide great mobility and resistance to abrasion. The palm features an extension down the base of the hand which prevents the material from scrunching and gives players a great feel for the stick.
bauernexus2n.jpeg tacks4roll.jpeg
If you're a player who loves the snug fit around the hand and want a contoured fitting hockey glove, then you would turn to the Bauer Supreme or CCM Super Tacks hockey glove line. The Bauer Supreme 1S provides some of the best mobility a contoured glove can offer. Bauer has designed a Dynamic Flex Cuff which allows the cuff roll and upper cuff to move independently in order to provide maximum mobility and keep protection properly in place. Like the Nexus 2N, the Supreme 1S has a 3-piece flex lock thumb but also has a 3-piece index finger which boosts hand dexterity. The CCM Super Tacks glove has a 3-piece segmented cuff, 3-piece index and middle finger, and 2-piece thumb for incredible wrist and finger mobility. The extended palm is built with Clarino overlay which provides ultimate stick feel and top notch durability.
bauersupreme.jpeg ccmsupertacks.jpeg
That leaves us with the tapered fitting glove, which can be found in Bauer's Vapor line or CCM's Jetspeed line. The Bauer Vapor 1X Lite has a four segmented backhand, 3-piece index finger, and 3-piece flex lock thumb for ultimate hand mobility and dexterity. The Dynamic Flex Cuff design as seen in the Supreme is bloomed out a little more to offer more volume and that signature tapered fit. The palm consists of Pro Ivory Nash with overlay to provide players with exceptional grip and feel for the stick. Much like the Vapor, CCM's Jetspeed FT1 hockey glove features a a four segmented backhand that has a mix of polyester, cable knit nylon, and synthetic leather to offer a great mix of durability and flexibility. The palm is built with an extended bottom Pro Clarino base with overlay, to create a creaseless palm that increases stick feel and prevent premature wear. The cuff offers extended protection but maintains mobility due to the Flex Cuff design.
bauervapor.jpeg ccmjetspeed.jpeg
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