Hockey Gift List – Stocking Stuffers




The season of sales is here. And well, it’s been here for the last two weeks too. Black Friday has turned into Black November and IW’s 20% off sale started October 30th (25% off through December 2nd). Although a lot of our equipment is restricted from online discounts, we recommend that you call in to see what is discountable. Anyways, the point of Black November is so that the holiday shoppers can get a jump start on their gift purchasing. We also have the IW official gift guide available.

For those early birds trying to find the inexpensive worm, we’ve made up a quick gift idea list of items that ARE discountable online and would make the perfect present for the hockey player on your holiday list (or even something that you want to pick up for yourself, we don’t judge). Just make sure that you use the BNOV20 (CYBER25 through December 2nd) coupon code at checkout.

We know a lot of other gift lists out there are probably going to be recommending their top of the line hockey equipment, but let’s be realistic. We’ve made a list of stocking stuffers (or mostly that size) that can be perfect for any hockey player, whether or not you know their stick specs or foot shape.

These regulation-size pucks slide on carpet like a dream. A lot of foam pucks can catch on the carpet and end up rolling instead of sliding. The Slick Shinny puck stays flat on the carpet for an awesome indoor or knee hockey puck.

For the high-tech hockey players, the PowerShot Sensor 2 helps you track your shots and use that data to improve your shooting technique. It uses bluetooth to connect to a smartphone for real time data or it saves the data for download after the game.

All of the authentic look and hockey stick design for knee hockey (mini hockey). Composite knee hockey sticks are the best for knee hockey because of its durable construction and realistic look/feel.

Socks may seem unimportant but they are under appreciated. The Bauer 900 socks feature 37.5® technology which uses your body heat to evaporate any moisture and give you the advantage. Its also lightweight, durable and awesome.

This makes air drying a walk in the park as it can handle almost all of your hockey gear on a single hanger while distributing them evenly for the quickest dry.

The Green Biscuit pucks are excellent training tools as they remain flat even on rough concrete. This allows you to nail down your stickhandling and passing even when when you’re not on the rink. Plus, NHL teams!

Using pro grade tarpaulin and a sturdy build, Sherwood and IW teamed up for an inexpensive pro-level hockey bag that is perfect for any locker room.

Just like it sounds. We can help you customize your jerseys, just like the one pictured above.

Hockey gear smells; it’s just a fact. But… Oh my goodness. This stuff is powerful and it gets the job done. On the days that I have used the vanilla spray, I have been reported to smell like a cupcake on the rink. In addition to the vanilla, IW also carries cinnamon, citrus zest, fresh mint, and watermelon. On top of that, the Oxypow spray is 100% environmentally friendly and prolongs the life of your hockey equipment.

This is just classic and humorous. The Hartford Whalers did indeed don this logo in the olden days and now it’s available in a vintage t-shirt.

So check back at and throughout the holidays for the best deals on the best gear. Remember, don’t be afraid to call us at 800.366.3070.