Goalie FAQ Pt. 1



What does the +1” mean on a leg pad? Does that just mean a 34”+1” is actually a 35” pad?

Vaughn Velocity V5 Pads

The simple answer is no. When you’re trying to determine your pad size you collect three measurements; your skate size, your ankle to knee measurement, and your thigh rise (roughly half way up your thigh). As an example, let’s say you wear a size 10.0 skate, have a 16” ankle to knee measurement and half way up your thigh is 7”. Add all of those together and you get 33”. Now plus sizing comes into play. Most pads nowadays will have +1 sizing as the standard, so you would get a 33+1 pad. That would give you the best fit (your knee lands perfect in the knee stack), but with an additional inch at the top of the pad for five hole coverage. A 34” pad would be an inch too tall at the knee stack, so it throws off the fit a little bit.

Why does my 25” Reebok stick have a taller paddle than my 26.5” Bauer stick?

The simple answer is that each company measures the paddle a different way. The method we’ve adopted to provide the consumer with a universal measurement is measuring from the handle to the point of contact with the playing surface. Some companies measure to the point where the blade starts to curve, some measure starting at the bottom of the handle, and some other variations.

All you need to know is that when you’re shopping from IW, we provide the same measurement on every single stick under the “Specs” tab, so you can know exactly what you’re getting even if you switch up the brand.

This one is for all the rookies out there. When you’re looking at goal sticks, catchers, and blockers, you’ll notice that there’s the option for Regular or Full Right. The question is, which one am I?

A common misconception is that, “I’m right-handed, I should get the Full Right.” This is actually the opposite of the truth. Basically if you are a “Regular” goalie, then you hold your catcher in your left hand and your stick and blocker in your right. This is the setup that’s standard for probably 95% of all goalies. “Full Right” would just be the opposite of that, so you would hold the catcher in your right hand and blocker in the left. Typically a right-handed person will be the Regular setup and a left-handed person will be the Full Right setup.

Do you have any other goalie questions? Leave a comment below and we may answer them in our next goalie FAQ blog.

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