Fit & Test Review: Bauer Nexus 8000 Ice Skates



Recently I picked myself up a pair of the Nexus 8000’s. Excited for my newly discovered perfect fit in the Bauer line. Over the past 20 years of skating I’ve used many brands, fits and profiles. None have come as close to anything I’ve experienced with this skate.

First I’ll give you a little background into my experience with Bauer skates. Having the Vapor and Supreme dynasties dominating market I constantly would try on each new release in hopes of getting that perfect fit that so many players got. However being in this industry for so long and to be quite honest being extremely picky, as a lot of us gear hounds can be, neither line was ever quite right. Having a rather narrow heel, average width forefoot and average arch; I would find myself squeezing into narrow profile skates in order to avoid heel slip. Heel slip was ALWAYS my problem. Then I finally learned that a great way to prevent heel slip is to get the boot as short as possible. In order to achieve this I decided to find a wider forefoot skate and go 1/2 size shorter. Tested with great results in my Mission AC3’s.

Then comes the newly designed, narrow heel area, medium-wide across the top of the foot and a medium-wide toe box Nexus line! What’s known as a “traditional” fit felt like a gift from the hockey gods! Now with the added room in the forefoot I was able to go even shorter that I normally did, I ended up 1 full size smaller than my previous skates. All to get into the tightest fitting, but still comfortable skate.

Being my first pair of top end Bauer’s I got to experience the performance that is Bauer’s signature 3D-lasted Curv® Composite Quarter. To sum up what this technology brings to the table… complete support for any amount of speed or aggressive skating. You will not feel these boots give, period.

No gear hound is legit without a couple modifications. While these skates were shipped from Bauer in all their perfection there is ALWAYS room for improvement. For me it was to match the color scheme with some Blue/Navy Elite Waxed Prolaces and adding a little extra support and depth by inserting Medium Arch, CCM’s Custom Insoles. While I really didn’t need the extra arch support, what the insoles did was fill up the very little extra room I had height wise in the skate and just all around added the extra element of depth and performance for the bottom of my feet.

This skate encapsulates the perfect amount of traditional comfort and pro level technology leaving me not even noticing that I had just skated for 1.5 hours straight in a brand new, stiffer than can be skate. That folks, is what happens when you find the perfect fit!

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